10 ways to sleep better

Having trouble sleeping? Feel drowsy the whole day and cannot get a quality sleep the whole night?

You possibly too busy by the housework after a stressful day at the office that makes your brain awake in the very wrong time. Also a matter of concern from a financial or political family ties as well as from certain diseases.

There are many factors that you would not be able to handle it, however, you can create a better environment and create sleeping habits in order to be able to sleep completely through the night. Try these ways to get some amazing results.


1. Sleep at the same time

Try to sleep at the same time every day, whether it is a weekday or holiday time. Repeating this makes the sleep-wake cycle, body work better and helps you fall asleep more easily.



2. Control your dinner

Do not eat or drink large a portion before bedtime. Try eating a light dinner before going to bed which should be at least 2 hours earlier especially if you have problems with acid reflux. Try to avoid spicy and oily foods because the symptoms of acid reflux is more of a problem to sleep later. For drinks, basically, drinking too much water can wake you up for toilet anytime during the night.


3. No coffee, booze or smoking allowed

Avoid smoking, coffee, caffeine drinks, alcohol beverage and other substances. They can harm your sleep pretty much. People who smoke often crave cigarettes in the middle of the night and smoking is apparently a health hazard. For coffee and other drinks containing caffeine, you should avoid drinking for 8 hours before bedtime. Alcohol drinks believed to make you feel sleepy actually interferes with your sleep.


4. Exercise regularly

Especially aerobic exercise that helps you sleep better. However, do not exercise too late, too because it gives the opposite result.


5. Make a proper sleep atmosphere

Environment in your bedroom shall be cool, dark, quiet and comfortable. Try to turn off the TV, radio or computer in the bedroom as well as keep the mobile phone remotely from your sleeping area.


6. Avoid day nap

Try to avoid daytime nap or restrict to maximum half an hour at a time if you work at night. Also try to choose the curtains that offer fully sun protection as light can disturb your biological clock.


7. Go for good beddings

Choose a mattress and pillow that make you sleep comfortably. Avoid letting your pet in if it bothers your sleep.


8. Repeat pampering routine

Try to make yourself relax through the activities that calm your mind and body routinely to remind your body that it’s almost the time to sleep such as meditation, listening to gentle melodies or taking a warm bath.


9. Listen to your body

Go to bed when you feel like it and turn off all light. However, if you cannot sleep after 20 minutes, you should get up to do some little things like reading. Don’t be worry when you can’t sleep. Relax your mind. Not focus on forcing yourself to sleep. Instead, relax the body and mind and follow your breath.


10. Sleeping pills

The use of sleeping pills should be the last choice you take. If you are facing a severe insomnia, consult a doctor before starting the medication and use the pills in a strict control amount.

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About the Author

BochakornBOCHAKORN BOONSERM (MAAM) began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then shifted to embrace natural healing and integrative medicines. Her training and certifications abroad include: Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

During her therapeutic sessions, she may also incorporate other aspects of integrative medicines when required, including: acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, nutritional, supplements and herbal recommendation.

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