12 Facts You Wish You Knew Before about Nutrition

Are you finding yourself reading through health blogs and planing for your fifth weight loss attempt by eating right? Getting new weird information about nutrition from a random online site and finding it confusing comparing to your initial knowledge? Here Marcela Soto Prats, Thanyapura expert Nutritionist, will tell you about the myth and misunderstandings many people have in common.



“I read on the internet that…”

Autodidacts are always abundant in a nutritional consultation, especially now at days when the trend is to eat clean and train hard. Many people have done their “research” on google or have seen lots of documentaries or read books of “experts” on nutrition that have lost weight doing this or that. Many facts make people get a lot of information but only us nutritionists have the ability to see what of all that information will really work with someone individually, for a specific goal. In other words, we see the whole picture, not just info that was posted last week by a fitness guru or a famous doctor.



“Fruit is good. I can eat as much as I want.”

This is totally wrong. The fruits’ main form of carbohydrate is fructose, which is a type of sugar. You have to eat fruit since it has vitamins, enzymes, and fiber but with moderation, and within a balance of what you eat during the whole day.




“Eggs contains heavy cholesterol. I won’t eat it during my weight loss.”

Many people are scared of eggs because they think in cholesterol. Cholesterol is actually a substance our body needs, and eating food with cholesterol doesn’t have any effect on the cholesterol levels in normal people (different from people that can have a genetic or lifestyle component that makes the cholesterol go up). So don’t give up eating an egg per day since it gives you high-quality protein, complex B vitamins, and A, E, D, minerals like magnesium, selenium, iron, and phosphorus. Better if it’s organic or farm eggs (cage free eggs).




“Oatmeal Makes me Fat”

Oatmeal is a whole grain carb, that is absorbed slowly, so it will not produce any sugar spike and crash in your blood, making it an ideal option for the carbs you need during the day. If you eat carbs in balanced amounts, you will not put on weight. Remember there is no food that makes you fat or burns fat, it’s more like different situations combined that can cause that effect on your body.



“Green juices make me lose fat”

Again no, there is no food with such property or magic substance that can make you lose weight. For you to lose weight, there is a complex system that involves many situations, hormones, caloric deficit and exercise. The green juice only helps us integrate many vegetables in a quick, easy and different way to give more nutrients to your body, and their benefit.



“Is it too bad to drink coffee?”

OMG, you tell me, a Costarican!! Sure you can! Mainly, if you try to lose weight, you have to be careful not to add sugar or milk (or just a tiny bit), but coffee gives great benefits like make you have a better concentration at work, is a great pre-workout and it boosts the metabolism; but it’s also a diuretic and contains caffeine that in excess can make you have problems to sleep, give you kidney problems, give you gut irritation or even dehydrate you. For that reason, I will suggest between 1-2 cups per day, no more than 4!!!




“My personal trainer told me…”

A personal trainer is a professional focused on preparing physically someone, guiding this person for a better aerobic condition, muscular mass, flexibility, and coordination. There are some trainers that are specialist in supporting the weight loss programs from the sports and conditioning point of view, some might also know or read a lot about nutrition and weight loss diets, but most of them are not professionals in nutrition or dietetic, so is better to always visit a nutritionist to complement the work you are doing with your personal trainer, and to follow what the nutritionist tells you. In the best case scenario, the nutritionist, and the trainer can talk and discuss the best way to approach to the person’s goals.



“I shouldn’t eat before exercise”

Really common question, basically because what people read on the internet. My reply is always depending on the situation: your goal, how much you will train, when was the last time you ate, what type of training you will do, etc. Same as all, there is no one size fits all. If you are about to jog for half an hour in the morning I will say no, but if you are training for a marathon and will go for a 15 km run I will definitely suggest a pre-workout meal or snack.



“Protein shake after training”

This is really common as well, mostly because of the influence of the media and the supplement companies and plus the personal trainers again. I will suggest that it is all depending on your goal. If you want to lose weight, no protein shake needed. If you want to gain weight in muscle or want to recover faster from your training, for sure a protein shake after training. If you want to lose fat but increase muscle, yes again, but in a specific timing. So as said before, it all depends on the individual goals.



“Can you give me a weight loss plan to lose “x” kg in a month?”

Weight loss nutritional plans are not like going to the market and buying this amount for this price. We can’t choose how many kilograms of fat we will lose, it is not that simple. Again, it is a complex process that involves many situations, but if you follow what is suggested, you will start losing fat. Also, it is important to focus on losing the fat % and not the total weight kg.



“Can you make a special diet for me to lose fat in the specific area?”

No, there is no way to lose fat by zones, this is defined by genetics on where your body tends to store more fat and what areas will be easier to lose fat. What you can do is combine the healthy eating with exercises that can help you work more in some areas that needs more attention, giving them more muscular tone.



“What is ‘the best diet'”

You will never hear a nutritionist saying that the Paleo diet is the best or that the Zone diet is the one with best results. There is no one size fits all. Maybe we all can tell you things like avoid processed food or don’t add sugar to things, but we will go more to an individualized approach where we try to find what is the best for you and your body to make you feel better and get to your goals.

  • Marcela Soto
    Marcela Soto
    Licensed Sports Nutritionist & Muay Thai Trainer
    Marcela is a Nutritionist and Dietitian, with a specialization in Sports Nutrition. She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Costa Rica in 2008, then completed her masters degree in Integrative Health and Human Movement in the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica in 2010 and a postgraduate degree in Integral Health and Human Movement with emphasis in Athletes and Sports Nutrition. She has clocked more than 2,400 hours of supervised practice and more than 75 hours of continuing educational units, ensuring she stays on the cutting edge of her field.Marcela also contributed to nutrition science with the publication of her graduate and master’s degree theses, and an article published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Food Science.

    Marcela has worked as a private nutritionist for top athletes, gaining experience in running weight loss, detox, and sports nutrition programs to help athletes improve their performance. She has also worked as a nutritionist in fitness gyms, cross-fit gyms, boxing, MMA and Muay Thai gyms.

    She is also a professional Muay Thai fighter, with more than 8 years experience, still competing in events for Thanyapura throughout Thailand.

    Marcela is able to use her experience as an athlete, as well as her sports nutrition background, to provide all her clients with the best nutritional advice possible. Her focus is on Science and Healthy Lifestyles, promoting an active, natural, balanced lifestyle where what you eat is the base of all.

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marcela prats

Marcela is a Nutritionist and Dietitian, with a specialisation in Sports Nutrition. She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Costa Rica in 2008, then completed her master’s degree in Human Movement and Integrative Health with emphasis on Athletes and Sports Nutrition in the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica in 2010.  Marcela dedicated the past ten years to Muay Thai and holds the WBC Asia World Championship.

About the Author

BochakornBOCHAKORN BOONSERM (MAAM) began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then shifted to embrace natural healing and integrative medicines. Her training and certifications abroad include: Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

During her therapeutic sessions, she may also incorporate other aspects of integrative medicines when required, including: acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, nutritional, supplements and herbal recommendation.

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