Beginners unLuck

We’ve all got that friend who on first attempt succeeds, whether it’s first time skiing, first time surfing or first time doing a triathlon. Yeah, high five to them… but the majority of us [...]

Learn swimming in Phuket

If you’re in Thailand and want to take up swimming lessons Phuket is the perfect place to do it. With over 35 beaches, the island boasts beautiful sceneries and an array of fun water-based [...]

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

I started teaching yoga for kids this year and I thought it was going to be fairly easy since I already teach adults yoga. How much harder could it be right? Well, I was in for a shock, as it was [...]

Does running make you fat?

There’s a lot of conflicting things written about running and sustained cardio exercise. As an avid runner, I would love for the evidence to be firmly on running’s side as beneficial to everyone [...]