4 signs to tell if you are hungry or just craving



Have you ever felt or heard your friends complaining that short after a meal, the body needs food again? Especially when passing by those crusty chicken wings, extra cheesy pizza, mouthwatering beef burger, melt-in-mouth tenderloin steak or some hot fudge brownie, creamy cakes and doughnuts.

Life in urban vibe is pretty rush these days making people careless about what to take in their body and instead of feeding a proper amount of nutriments, we might have accidentally stuffed ourselves with way too many calories. So, here is how to know whether you feel hungry or just crave for that delicious bite. Think about it carefully, be honest to yourself and give your body a helping hand to get better.


1. Body Language

The signs your body tells you is the most honest answer you should listen to. When your hunger starts gradually, it reminds you to eat but not attack you and still allows you to postpone it for a while, that’s real physical hunger. Meanwhile, emotional hunger instantly starts. It jumps on you and says “Hey! you NEED to eat NOW!”. Be cleared of these two and beware of it so that you don’t lose control.


2. Food Choice is Nothing

Craving or emotional hunger is a psychological condition while real hunger is more physiological. When your body really needs to eat, you will try to complete that feeling or need by feeding yourself so, for your body it doesn’t matter which type of food is it, as long as it feeds you, any type of food doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t concern with an emotional requirement, and is not specific like some homemade four cheese pizza or hot a baked lava cake.



3. Full Means Done
Once your natural hunger is satisfied, you don’t need to eat anymore. When you feeling like eating one thing but get treated with another and still feel like eating what you wanted to, that’s not your real body requirement; it is just a trap to make you over-eat.

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4. Hungry. Eat. Regret.

The proper amount of food that your body physically needs won’t make you feel guilty after finishing the whole portion. Its job is just to fill-up (or to answer to) your hunger, while emotional hunger results in guilt after finishing the whole thing. You may feel so happy while eating with your emotions but at the end, when that whole pack or plate is finished, you’ll possibly feel like “I should have never eaten all of these…”


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