5 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere

There are so many exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home without the need for a gym pass. Basically, you can do these exercises anywhere. Bodyweight exercises are performed using the weight of your body and can be very effective for helping you get fitter and healthier.

We got the Taiwanese Triathlon Team to perform some of these positions to help you understand how to do these bodyweight exercises step by step.

Five bodyweight exercises you can do absolutely anywhere

bodyweight exercises

Position 1 – Lunges


LungesThese are a great and easy bodyweight exercise that you can do anywhere. The simple but effective strength exercise works your quadriceps, calves, glutes and hamstrings. The best thing about this bodyweight exercises is that these suit anyone from beginners to professional athletes. Usually when you get more advanced, you can add hand weights to make the lunges more challenging.

How to do a lunge:

Firstly. begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on either hip. Next, step forward (around one metre) with one leg. You should flex your knees to help drop your hips.


Position 2 – Lunges

Now for the main part of the exercise – lower your body until your back knee almost touches the ground. During this time, the top of your body should remain upright and your front knee above the front foot.

Next, drive your weight through the heel of your front foot and extend both of your knees so you end up back upright. Repeat this by starting the lunge on your opposite leg.






IMG_5787Squats – This is one of the most popular bodyweight exercises to help tone your legs, and one of the easiest moves to do in the comfort of your home. Follow these simple steps, with guideline photographs, to learn how to do a bodyweight squat.

1. Stand with your feet set out a little wider than shoulder-width apart

2. Roll your shoulders back away from your ears to maintain good posture

3. Put your arms straight out so that they are parallel with the ground. Place your palms down.

4. Start the movement of the squat by bending your hips backwards and bending your knees.

IMG_58165. When your butt starts to stick out, then focus on your posture – make sure your chest and shoulders stay upright but your back stays straight. Your head must face forward with your eyes straight to maintain a straight spine.

6. Try go as deep as possible – these are the best squats.

7. When coming back to the starting position engage your core, and push your bodyweight through your heels until you reach the standing position.




Butterfly IMG_6057Sit Ups – Work your abdominal muscles by doing butterfly sit IMG_6035ups. These are one of my favourite bodyweight exercises because you get to lie down while exercising and they are always good for a mid-session break/workout. So here is a description on how to do butterfly sit ups.

1. Lie with you face up and place the soles of your feet together with your knees laid out to the sides.

2. Place your arms overhead on the floor.

3. Now, move your upper body upwards and reach forward so that your fingers go past your toes.
4. Slowly return to the start of the move.

IMG_5726Pull ups – This bodyweight exercises use your lats, biceps, and middle back so they work a huge part of your body. The good thing is that you only need your body to do these and beginner’s can even try but you do need something to grab from a height to pull yourself up to. As a beginner I use a box underneath or something to balance on in case I fall and to work on my upper body strength. 

1. Grab the bar and place your palms forwards. Your hands should be spaced out at a distance wider than your shoulders for a wide grip but spaced out equal to your shoulder width for a medium grip.

2. Hold the bar at your chosen grip and bring your torso back to create a curvature on your lower back while sticking your chest out.

3. Now, pull your torso up until the bar reaches your chin. You do this by drawing your shoulders and arms down and backwards.

4. Return to starting position and repeat as many times as you wish.


IMG_5757Press ups – These are one of the hardest bodyweight exercises to do but mainly because you have to build up your strength at first to be able to perform one. A lot of people start this move on their knees to make it easier, so that they can set a goal to work towards a full press up.

How to do a press up:

1. Place your hands at a distance that is a bit wider than your shoulder-width. Angle your hands in a position that you feel comfortable but try to place them flat down with your fingers facing with the angle of your body.

IMG_57742. Make sure your feet are comfortable. Try to place them shoulder-width apart, but it depends on what suits you best.

3. Make sure your body is one big straight line – your butt should not be sticking up or sagging down. Your head should also be straight ahead of you, not down. At the top of the push up, your arms should be straight and supporting your weight. Great, now that you have got the right form you can do a push up.

4. Now with your arms straight, abs braced and body in place steadily lower your body until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle or smaller.

5. Keep your elbows close to your body and once your chest touches the floor come back up to the starting position!

So now that you know what to do, you have no excuse to try these bodyweight exercises.

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