5 Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Most people who tried dieting has failed at least once on developing healthy habits for weight loss.  Whether it be a personal or health situation, there are abundant reasons one might find to stop exercising.

Think of it in different light: it is not a weight loss regimen, but a healthy lifestyle program.  This new activity in your life doesn’t have to end in a few months, but could turn into a lifetime habit.

Talking about it is easy but actually doing it?  It’s not so easy.  You’ll need help from outsiders.  And motivation.



If you can’t measure it, you can’t achieve it.  “Losing weight” is not a specific goal, nor is it measurable.  These weekly goals should be easy to follow.

A few examples:

  • Working out three times a week (you are setting a specific and realistic target here)
  • Dining out no more than two times a week
  • Drinking no more than two glasses of wine/drink during the weekend
  • Going to bed at 9 pm at least three times a week

Keep a record of your completed weekly targets and reward yourself with a non-edible prize such as a massage, a dress, or concert ticket).


Maintain motivation in choosing healthy and clean foods on your next trip to the grocery by setting aside one hour for conscious shopping.  Make a list and stick to it.  Avoid looking at unhealthy food or buy a healthier substitute.  You’ll spend less time looking in the fridge or ordering food deliveries.  You’ll eat healthier options and create menus with healthy recipes and preparations.


Fitness and healthy eating apps make our lives easier.  They simplify tasks such as setting goals, monitoring achievement, food tracking, fitness training, water drinking, etc.  Monitoring daily food intake and activities reduces overeating and undertraining.  Apps provide inexpensive ideas for workouts to do anywhere, any time – motivating you along the way.  Share the data with your trainer, nutritionist, or wellness advisor to get a snapshot of where you are in your journey to weight loss.


Register for a race or a fundraising bike ride, run or walk!  Your goal of finishing the race will motivate you to workout, drink lots of water, and eat healthier.  Most urban cities have many options such as 3-5km runs (road or trial), sprinting triathlons or duathlons, 20 km recreational bike rides (road or mountain), 500m open water swimming, and much more.  If you fancy nature, a mountain trekking trip to a famous mountain suffices (make sure you get proper training!)

Once you’ve decided on the race, search for a training coach or training plan.  Invite a training partner to the race with you and prepare everything you need to make it to the finish line (shoes, clothes, bike, etc).


Whether you prefer a wall calendar or motivational board, writing down plans, strategies, and punctual goals will train your mind to make lifestyle changes.  Include inspirational pictures, quotes, or articles to boost your confidence.  Set up reminders and change up to routines once your body exceeds goals.

So no more delays or excuses, if you don’t like starting over again, stop quitting!

Take care of your body through exercises or treatments.  In January, Thanyapura’s Health & Wellness Centre is offering two promotions to help guests optimise their weight loss goals.  Yoga targets core muscles which lead to weight loss while slimming body treatments blasts cellulite through natural ingredients.  Click here for more information.

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