5 signs you may be addicted to yoga

addicted to yogaI started practicing yoga about 10 years ago and since my first class I have been addicted to yoga. I am not going to lie and say it was easy – yoga, at the start and now, is hard and challenging. Trying to hold different poses and breathe at the same time while trying to balance in balancing poses is difficult. You sweat profusely and slip around on a small mat.

Yoga has tested me mentally and physically. One reason is because you have to practise so close to people and not feel like I had enough space. I thought I was a sardine in a sardine can at times during that first class all squished together. But somehow when I got through it, I felt amazing, and I felt like I had achieved something. My body felt strong and stretched out and I felt at peace and calmer than before I started. I was on a natural high.

Something magical happens on that yoga mat. You get to know yourself very well and you learn to push through boundaries you didn’t think were possible. This was the start of my yoga journey, which has been amazing. It has helped me through many trials and tribulations of life and has eventually led me to become a yoga teacher to help others see the benefits of what a wonderful practise yoga is and how much it can help transform people’s lives.

5 signs you may be addicted to yoga

#1 – Your social life revolves around yoga

You stop going out partying and drinking with friends on the weekends so you can get to bed early so you can wake up feeling refreshed and not having a hangover for your 7.30am Saturday or Sunday yoga class. God help if you miss that as it sets up your whole weekend of feeling happy, calm and centred. 

#2 – Your wardrobe is full of yoga pants 

You have a ridiculous amount of yoga pants in your wardrobe and it feels like it’s become the most worn item of clothing.  After a while of being addicted to yoga, you decide that you would rather own any other item of clothing but you’re consistently looking on all the yoga websites to find more of the newest and latest yoga pants that you can rock out in class. Us girls love to look good as we practice. 

#3 – You detox all the time

You want to become a vegetarian as you realise how important food choices are in making your body feel good, and you want to honour your body like it’s your temple, not a garbage disposal where anything goes. You start doing detox programs or sign up to juice fasts on a regular basis to release anything that doesn’t serve the body anymore. You start introducing green smoothies, organic bliss balls and organic raw chocolate into your diet. When you are addicted to yoga, you start to look after your body more.

#4 – You post Instagram posts of headstands ALL the time

On your Instagram account, you’ve noticed you only seem to be following people or companies that are associated with yoga and all your Instagram posts are either yoga pose selfies or the latest insightful yoga quote to inspire others when you are addicted to yoga. You also know all the yoga hashtags to reach all the other yogis out there on social media.

#5 – You plan your holidays around yoga retreats

Your holiday plans mainly consist of going to yoga/meditation retreats where you can immerse yourself in everything yoga when you are addicted to yoga. It’s the only way you can go and find yourself and come back refreshed from your holiday. Then, you feel like you’re ready to take on the world and you feel calm, lighter and have more clarity with everything in your life. You’re over those holidays which revolve around drinking, which make you feel tired and needing another holiday.

So, start watching out for these addicted to yoga signs as you practice more yoga and see if any resonate with you.

For anyone that hasn’t tried yoga, I highly recommend you try a class as it is really such a wonderful practice that can truly help you in your everyday life. Yoga relieves stress and it cultivates a steady and calm mind. It also keeps the body strong and flexible and is a good way to recover from injury as its low impact. You never know, you might get addicted to yoga like me.

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