5 tips that will help you stay motivated

motivatedMost of the people had done at least one attempt of dieting in their lives that has failed. A personal or health situation that just occurred at the same time, a holiday trip, friends visiting, underestimating consumption or overestimating exercise, no meal timing, bad sleeping, lack of motivation, you name it! But that is not enough excuse to start again and get motivated, right? It’s just that you feel it’s really difficult, and believe me, it is.

But you have to think outside of the box. This is not going to be only a weight loss program, it has to be a healthy lifestyle program. And it doesn’t have to be for a few months, it has to be a lifetime habit. So it is about creating something that can kick start your healthy life forever and get motivated!

That sounds awesome in words, but again, it is not easy. You need hard work and clean eating. You need something to push you daily. You need help from outsiders. You need motivation.

Motivation. For an athlete is easy, is just getting all set for that moment of competition. But for people starting to eat healthier and train? I have put together a list of five things to help keep you motivated. 

5 tips to help keep you motivated

1) Small weekly targets

The goal “lose weight” is not specific, measurable and then reliable. It will be frustrating if you can’t measure if you are achieving it. The best thing to do is setting small targets, set them weekly and making them easy to follow and measurable.

Some good examples of these kinds of targets are:

  • Working out 3 times a week (you are setting a specific and realistic target here)
  • Dining out no more than 2 times a week
  • Drinking no more than 2 glasses of wine/drink during the weekend
  • Going to bed at 9 pm at least 3 times a week

As you see, all of them have to be realistic to your lifestyle and specific in terms of being measurable. At the end of the week, you keep a record if you completed your weekly targets and you can get yourself a non-edible price if you did (like a massage, a nice dress you wanted to buy or a concert ticket, for example).

2) Healthy food grocery shopping

One of the best ways to start and to keep motivated is to spend time in the grocery shop, choosing food for eating healthy and clean. You have to take time for this, so set a day in the week that you can spend at least 1-hour doing conscious grocery shopping.

Make a list beforehand and stick to it. Avoid even looking to unhealthy food, try to imagine a healthier substitute and buy it. This will help you avoid to have to go into your fridge during the week wondering what you can eat or ordering take away food. If you have the healthy options, you will eat them. These will also help you to set a menu and to look for healthy recipes and preparations that will help you not only to stick to your plan, but also to be motivated.

3) Apps

Apps are successful because they make our lives easier. Did you know there are lots of fitness and healthy eating apps? These apps simplify things like setting goals, monitoring achievement, food tracking, fitness training, water drinking, etc. Scientific evidence had shown that a daily food intake and activity registry is the best way proven to reduce the risk of overeating or underworking out since it shows you how the real picture is.

They also will give you inexpensive ideas for workouts to do anywhere and will motivate you along the way.  And, most of them have a sharing tool, so if you want, you can share your daily registries with your trainer, nutritionist or wellness advisor. So search for reviews about the best Apps available for your phone that fit your actual lifestyle goals.

4) Signing for a race

If you are a competitive person, this is the best way to keep you motivated. Register for a race or a fundraising bike ride, run or walk! If you have this goal to keep you motivated, you will make yourself workout constantly, drink a lot of water and eat healthier. In every city there are a lot of options, so consider to start first with realistic competitions like 3-5 km runs (road or trail), sprint triathlons or duathlons, 20 km recreational bike rides (road or mountain), 500 m open water swimming, etc. Another option is to plan a mountain trekking trip to a famous and not so challenging mountain, so you will need to prepare yourself as well for that.

Once you found your race and registered, make sure that you can prepare for it. Go to a training coach or search for a training plan, get yourself a training partner that will also register to the race, check that you have all that you need for the race and training (shoes, clothes, bike, etc), and make sure you will eat healthier or if you need something more specific for your goal, consult a nutritionist.

So pick your best option and start to see how your motivation increases.

5) Calendars and boards

You can make a calendar to hang on a wall or a complete motivational board. In it you will write down your plans, strategies, and punctual goals. You can also put some pictures, quotes and articles that will encourage you to stick to your plan. Also, set up reminders and posts to keep changing weekly.

By taking the time to make the board or calendar, and to continuously update it, you will make a mind setting to make a lifestyle change. The more you go accomplishing your goals, the easier is to stay motivated in doing it, and this is a useful tool that can help you.

So no more delays or excuses, if you don’t like starting over again, stop quitting! You have no excuse not to be motivated now.

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