6 Healthiest Alcoholic Beverage for Your Next Party



It’s Friday night and there’s a party ahead? If you are worried about the extra weight that comes with alcoholic beverage in general or seeking for some fresh ‘n’ cold “healthy” sips, the following list can provide you with your next booze. Enjoy!





Wine is commonly well-known for its nutritious benefits. The unique aroma and taste coming with each variety have made people fall in love with it for centuries. Wine contains 4% – 9% of your Dietary Reference Intakes of Iron, 9.4 % of potassium, and five percent of magnesium as well as offers antioxidant properties. Also, this classic beverage has been shown to reduce blood clots and decrease bad cholesterol with a calories range of 110 – 130 a glass.



Vodka Soda

Vodka-Soda is an all-time classic offering very low calories with each glass and is very friendly to whom is concerned about weight. The clear water with faded taste, no smell, and no colour contains about 96 calories from the Vodka and, of course, zero from the soda. Oh! And don’t forget to add some cuts of lime for a livelier version with great taste, aroma and vitamins!




Sangria is a glass of charming fruity drink with the touch of red wine. Usually made with orange, lemon, orange juice, apple, and berries such as strawberries and raspberries and some adding content of gin and triple sec (minimize the sugar and maximize the fruits). This glass is not considered as a low-calorie one but comes up with a lot of nutritional value. Apple, one of the main ingredients, is rich in antioxidant agents, offers vitamin C, beta-carotene, tartaric acid and B-Complex vitamins while lemon and orange, two other key components, contain a great pack of vitamin C, dietary fibers and beta carotene.




This easy and chilled drink from Great Britain mainly consists of apple or pear and is known to be in one of the “healthiest” categories of alcoholic beverages. The prnewswire.co.uk stated “Now sci­en­tists at Brew­ing Research Inter­na­tional have con­firmed high lev­els of health enhanc­ing antiox­i­dants in cider. A half pint of cider contains the same amount of antiox­i­dants as a glass of red wine. Plus, Cider is a great option for those who have sen­si­tiv­ity to gluten or celiac dis­ease as well as people who are sen­si­tive to the cone-like flow­ers of the hop plant



Dark beer lovers must know it well; the magical Guinness contains about 128 calories for a small glass as it is made from a larger amount of whole grains than the Lager beers and has also been proved to have similar antioxidant properties than red wine.



Bloody Mary

This tomato juice-based cocktail is a worldwide classic and has never been outdated thanks to its unique and delicious taste. The ingredients consist of the low-cal Vodka, tomato juice, which is rich in lycopene, catechins, vitamin A, flavonoid antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, celery that helps lower blood pressure, ease insomnia, prevent kidney stones, and help with digestive problems while horseradish, another main ingredient, can help fight against common cold, analgesic and provides antibiotic properties.


* Disclaimer: Thanyapura does not encourage the consumption of alcohol and instead promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. According to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act of 2008, people needs to be 20 years or older to consume alcohol in Thailand. Please drink responsibly.

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