7 Strategies to Live with Less Stress and More Energy

It’s no secret we live in an age where our lives seem to be on double speed. Many of us depend on caffeine and stimulants to make up for the lack of sleep and hours spent on the go, all while searching for ways to feel less stressed.

In our hearts, we know this is no way to live a healthy lifestyle, but we’re at a loss as to how to pull out of this go-go-go mentality. What we truly want is a natural way to wake up with energy, and go to bed feeling gratitude instead of anxiety.

Luckily, there are small changes to your lifestyle that don’t cost a thing and are totally natural! Here are my top 7 strategies to live a life with less stress and more energy:

Make Sleep a Priority

  • Set a bedtime alarm for 8.5 hours before you need to wake up, allowing a half-hour for your bedtime routine and ensuring you’ll get in the recommended range of 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Create an ideal mood for the bedroom; Blackout blinds, turn off electronics, soothing smells such as a Lavender oil.

Move Your Body

  • Aim for 20-40 minutes of movement every day. There is no one way to work out; running, biking, strength training, yoga, walking, skiing, dancing, etc.
  • Pick something you enjoy, makes you feel good, and look forward to doing. Exercise is not punishment!

Nourish Yourself

  • Eat whole, real foods most of the time (food that has been minimally processed).
  • Tune into your hunger cues, become aware of, and avoiding emotional eating.
  • Cook at home more often than you order out.

Get Outside

  • Take a walk around the block (or more!) and observe and be part of the world around you.
  • Walk with a friend or coworker at lunch, or use as an activity instead of getting food or drinks.
  • Sit outside to do a task; making a call, reading, having coffee, reviewing work, etc.

List Your Top 3

  • Before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning, list the 3 most important/time critical things you want to accomplish that day.
  • Make them specific and manageable to complete in one day.
  • Focus on those items and those items only, not allowing yourself to be distracted or worry about other things you “should” get done until you complete your prioritized list.

10 Minute Time Out

  • Take 10 minutes to quietly focus on yourself and what you are feeling in that moment.
  • Whether through traditional meditation, yoga, journaling, music, etc., do something that brings you joy and quiets your mind.
  • Schedule this time, if need be, until it becomes routine.

Just Say No

  • Take back your time! Be aware of overcommitting yourself.
  • Set personal boundaries and only agree to requests that align with those boundaries and priorities.

These things – although simple – will take practice. Start by focusing on 1-2 strategies at a time, until they become easier to do and become part of your daily routine. Don’t go it alone! Tackle some of these with a spouse or friend and hold each other accountable.

Guest Post by Dan Chabert

An entrepreneur and a husband, Dan hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. He loves to join ultramarathon races and travel to popular running destinations together with his wife. During regular days, he manages his websites, Runnerclick, That Sweet Gift, Monica’s Health Magazine and GearWeAre. Dan has also been featured in several popular running blogs across the world.

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