Aerobics for Weight Loss

Aerobics for Weight Loss

Aerobic exercises are versatile and come in different forms.  Dancing, walking, running, cycling, swimming and Muay Thai qualify as aerobic exercises.  Any activity you perform for 15 to 20 minutes non-stop while maintaining a heart rate of 60-80 percent of your maximum heart rate is classified as an aerobic activity.  It has two main benefits: better heart health and increased stamina.

Varied exercise motions stretches muscle and aids in strength training.  The body allows more oxygen in while increasing heart rates during intense workouts.  A person can burn calories much more effectively if they continued the exercise for more than 20 minutes.

The elements of aerobic exercises can be incorporated to create new and fun classes: Aeroboxing, Hip Hop Dance, Step Toning and Spinning.

Benefits of Aerobics Exercise

  1. Increases muscle endurance
  2. Strengthens heart muscles and lungs
  3. Strengthens joints and bones to improve movement ability
  4. Increases power
  5. Increases cardiovascular (heart) endurance

Beginning Aerobics

Beginners might exhaust easily during the first few sessions.  The more they exercise, the stronger the heart muscle.  For those who do aerobics for weight loss, the coach recommends to work out at least 2 hours and 50 minutes per week, with 30 minute sessions per time.  Make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods and get copious amounts of rest.

Specialised Aerobics Classes

  1. Aeroboxing

Aerobics for Weight LossThe instructor challenges and motivates students to make the most of every round.  Each intense workout unlocks endorphins and de-stresses the mind.  The high-
energy, high intensity martial-arts inspired workout is a non-contact class where you can punch and kick your way to improved heart fitness.  All of the body’s muscle groups see improved endurance as each session can burn up to 740 calories.

  1. Step Toning

Aerobics for Weight LossSteps are pieces of workout equipment for heart-related workouts and aerobic routines.  Along with burning calories and getting one’s heart rate up, the step is used to tone the muscles in the arms and legs.  The step works every major muscle group in the body, especially the lower body (the gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves).

  1. Hip Hop Dance

Aerobics for Weight LossThe cardio workout is perfect for those who enjoy dancing and having fun.  Dancers break tons of sweat through an addictive infusion of dance styles and new tunes.  Learn new choreography while maintaining optimum heart rate.  The class focuses on improving heart health, not technique.  Everyone is welcomed, even those with no experience in dancing.

  1. Spinning

Aerobics for Weight LossSpinning in a real craze in the fitness world.  If the guest loves to mix fun, intense music and exercise, spinning is ideal.  The one hour spinning class pumps up the students and burns up to 600 calories, depending on the pedalling intensity.  Spinning spikes the heart rate as the cyclist cranks up the dial to climb those hills.  Interval training builds up endurance over time.  Students learn to control breathing while pacing themselves.  The end result?  Toned calves and thighs.  Pedalling uses overall muscles in the legs and alternates between high and low intensity workouts.

Preparing for Aerobics

To get ready for an aerobics class, get enough rest and prepare exercise gear for each sports to avoid injuries.  For example, buy proper running shoes for session at the track or a morning of trail run.

Nutrition for Aerobics

To make the best of aerobic classes, meals should follow the food pyramid.  Consume the right portions each day and use supplements to decrease the amount of protein burn in the body.

Putting it All Together

Aerobic exercises boost brain power through good blood flow.  It improves the ability to learn and aids in memory retention.  While not everyone will enjoy all forms of aerobics, most people will find at least one activity to their liking.  If the idea of trail running scares you, Hip Hop Dance might pique your interest.  If you do not like running but love a good aerobic exercise, swimming might be more fun.  The goal is to lose weight and achieve a healthy body.  Since aerobics includes so many activities, there is something for everyone.

About the Author

Aerobics for Weight LossVorapong “A” Sriphet  – Personal Coach and Group Trainer

Along 12 years for personal training, Coach A has mastered Personal trainer and group Fitness instructor, Power Plate Level 1, Senior Adult Trainer, Sport Nutrition, Sport Injuries, Training Special Populations-Client with Lower Back Pain, Sport’s Conditioning, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & Choking, Les Mills Training Program for RPM and Body Pump. His specialties include Body Transformation and TRX and ViPR.

About the Author

Aerobics for Weight Loss

Punnathorn “Beer” Makapanth – Fitness Instructor                      He graduated from Prince of Songkla University Phuket, Thailand. He has certificate of group fitness class instructor (GFIT), Bounce Dance Fit instructor for adult and junior and certificate of movement principle and mat pilates

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