April Update – Tennis

April Junior Tennis Camps

During the upcoming School Term Break we will be offering two weeks of Junior Tennis Camps on the following dates:
April 13-17 (5 Days)
April 20-24 (5 Days)

Kindly contact tennis@thanyapura.com for registration or for further information.

Superkidz Tennis Tournament

The first SuperKidz Tennis Tournament of 2015 was held last March 7-8 with over 70 participants in a variety of age categories. This edition also included doubles, which is not a regular aspect of junior tennis tournaments in Thailand. It was a nice treat for the kids to get out onto the courts with friends and share the limelight with one another.

The SuperKidz Series has upcoming events in June, September and the Year-End Championships in November. Chosen participants will have the opportunity to attend the year-end SuperKidz Tennis Camp.

Don’t miss the second SuperKidz tournament. Click here for more information.

ITF Seniors Event

With the great success of last year’s ITF Seniors Events, we are ready and raring to do it all again this year. For the fully-sanctioned ITF Seniors Event we have invited quality senior players to Thanyapura from April 20-26. We’ve got some quality players of our own who are capable of competing with those who are on their way from abroad.

There is an age-specific category for all participants (35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, etc.). Kindly let us know as soon as possible of your intentions to play, so we can get you the proper registration information from the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Please contact tennis@thanyapura.com or visit the ITF website for more information.

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