Avoid These 6 Classic Workout Mistakes

Achieving fitness goals require strictness and patience.  Workout mistakes can slow down your progress.  While you’re sticking to your workout and fitness plan, you might’ve been used to a routine of working out the wrong way.

Most people experience difficulties and challenges in their daily workout routines.  Disappointment sets in when you can’t see the outcomes and results you’re expecting despite following strict rules.  The reason?  You might be making a few classic and basic mistakes in your fitness regimen.  They’re hindering your full potential to improve and grow.  Here are the fix mistakes most fitness enthusiasts are unaware of and how to fix them:

Avoid These 6 Classic Workout Mistakes1. Not tracking your workout

The most valuable tip is to record your fitness activities’ progress.  Most people tend to omit this simple part.  If you’re not tracking anything during workouts, it may be difficult to measure success.  Tracking your progress on a daily basis makes you more efficient and effective in reaching your goals.  You can see what you need to work on and how you can improve.  Seeing your progress in detail enables you to be more determined.  You’ll feel even more encouraged to push harder at the next workout.

Avoid These 6 Classic Workout Mistakes2. Doing cardio in the wrong way

There’s a misconception about doing cardio: the longer you do it, the faster you’ll burn fats and calories.  However, there’s a delicate balance in doing cardio.  If you do cardio for shorter periods, you’re actually cheating on your fitness routines.  On the other hand, doing cardio for too long, you’re overtraining and exhausting your body.

The most effective cardio workouts are between 25-45 minutes.  Fat and calories are burning during this time, leading to a more efficient workout.

Avoid These 6 Classic Workout Mistakes3. Swiss ball crunches “The Wrong Way”

There are two common mistakes in doing Swiss ball crunches:

  1. When you sit and position yourself in a “too forward” position on the ball. Swiss ball enthusiasts tend to sit upright on the ball – but this is ineffective for obtaining your abs.  The best way to get results is to lie back on the ball and be parallel to the ceiling.
  2. Using a ball that is not fully and properly inflated prevents you from doing effective curl ups. Balls lacking enough air will result in flattered curl ups, slowing down progress in building abs.  Before each exercise, pump the ball up and fill it with enough air

4. Don’t use a mirror as your guide to progress

Tracking progress in front of a mirror may lead to you being distracted during your workout.  It doesn’t speed up or slow down your usual program.  The radical changes you’re attempting could lead to declines in overall fitness routine and progress.

5. Straining & Overtraining

Beginners tend to strain and over train.  Overtraining leads to creating larger appetites, which leads to more food consumption on a daily basis.  If you like exercising daily, it is more beneficial to do a variety of workouts.  Add different kinds of training to your usual program to help you stay physically and mentally stimulated.

6. Relying on supplements

Supplements are meant to complement your diet and fitness routines.  They aren’t used for shortcuts or to make up for last night’s large pizza.  Supplements help you maintain your figure and improve your overall physique.  Consuming supplements should be combined with proper diet and exercise routines, not replace them

Putting an End to Your Workout Mistakes

Avoiding these common mistakes leads to more efficiency and effectiveness in your workout.  Combine these training tips with the right mind, knowledge, patience and determine – you will reach your goals in no time.

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Avoid These 6 Classic Workout MistakesCindy is blogger and writer at wearaction.com and she has a passion for fitness that she wants to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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