Spring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your Workout

Spring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your WorkoutSpring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your WorkoutMuch like fashion, fitness trends tend to come and go (and sometimes return). Group fitness classes have been around for decades. But according to the ACSM’s latest Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends report, they’re now more popular than ever.

There’s something about powering through a brutal Spinning class with strangers that makes the whole fitness class experience that much more rewarding. Sometimes I dread having to drag myself to a class when all I want to do is crash on the couch after a long work day. But the fear of missing out (FOMO) on the opportunity to “race” that uber-fit woman next to me makes me lace up my shoes and go.

I’m always ready and willing to try the latest and greatest wearable sports technology, fitness fashion, and group training classes to help kick my fitness level up a few notches.

Here’s a list of the top 10 hottest and trendiest group training programs to try next.

Primal Yoga by Liz Arch: Liz Arch fuses yoga, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi together to create this challenging mind/body class. There are two types of Primal Yoga: Primal Yoga Flow and Primal Power. Primal Flow promotes a balance of mind and body with breath work and flowing movements to balance yin and yang energies. Primal Yoga Power takes the challenge of Vinyasa yoga and combines it with heart-pumping plyometric moves for an intense workout.

In-Trinity: Spinning creator Johnny G brings group training to a whole new level with In-Trinity. The class incorporates familiar elements of yoga, Pilates, and meditation, but throws a slanted board into the mix. The balance board called the In-Trinity Board by Matrix, helps maximize core strength, improve balance, increase flexibility, and well-being.

Pop Physique: The allure of long, lean ballet dancer bodies continues to fuel the decade-long ballet-based workout craze. And there’s no evidence that it’ll fade anytime soon. Enter: Pop Physique, the latest ballet-based group training class. The hour-long ballet barre class combines classical dance movements with weight and body resistance training to sculpt muscles and improve flexibility.

Spring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your WorkoutSprint Triathlons: Triathlons are becoming more accessible than ever thanks to the rise of Sprint Triathlons. Anyone from an athlete to a novice can train for the short distance triathlon, which consists of a 750-meter swim, 20k bike ride, and a 5k run. It’s like a cross-training lover’s dream! Organizations like Life Time Tri, offer coaching and group training programs for first-time triathletes in seven major cities, including New York City and Miami.

POUND: Imagine a class that combines the infectious rhythm of drumming for an exhilarating full-body workout. That’s POUND. Class participants “air drum” using lightly weighted drumsticks, called Ripstix to high-intensity cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates-style movements. Between the upbeat music and the heart-pumping moves, it’s easy to forget that this class is a workout.

Throwback: School gym class is back, but now it’s fun! Throwback classes feature old school gym class activities like dodgeball, rowing, and cardio drills. It’s a lot like gym class, but it has the comradery of summer camp. Even the childhood game, Rock-Paper-Scissors finds its way into the workout, but it’s played while jogging!

Spring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your WorkoutSWITCH: It’s a common Friday night dilemma: Should I go out clubbing or should I go to the gym? With the SWITCH workout, the answer is “yes and yes.” Based in New York City, the SWITCH Playground’s state-of-the-art gym features a live DJ, electronic music, strobe lights, black lights, fog machines, and other nightclub-like amenities. It’s group fitness, but there are several fitness trainers available to give more personalized attention to those who need it.

trampoLEAN: As a kid, nothing seemed more fun than tiring myself out jumping on the backyard trampoline. Fast forward a few decades, and now there’s a class where I can call my beloved childhood activity a “workout.” trampoLEAN classes include intervals of jumping, body weight resistance exercises, and balancing moves. The low-to-the-ground trampolines provide a safe, low-impact, but challenging workout.

Spring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your WorkoutBeach Body Boot Camps: I love a good high-intensity workout, and no other workout makes me sweat like boot camp. Boot camp classes combine high-intensity interval training (short bursts of intense cardio followed by low-intensity movements) with military-style exercises like squats, push-ups, burpees, and sprints. The latest trend in boot camp-style classes, “beach body boot camps” take the workout out of the gym and onto the sand. At Santa Monica’s famous Big Mike’s Boot Camp, participants squat, lunch, and sprint while carrying heavy bags of sand!

Megaformer Classes: The Megaformer is a revolutionary new exercise machine. It has sparked one of the hottest fitness trends in the United States – especially among celebrities. It looks a bit like the Pilates Reformer, but its spring-loaded and adjustable resistance keeps core muscles engaged for a full 40 minutes. Megaformer classes like SLT, CHI50, and The Studio MDR combine the muscle lengthening power of Pilates with cardio and strength training for a truly unique total body workout.


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