Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Luke Tan

The most inspiring kinds of brand ambassadors are the ones who went through transformative journeys.  They put in hours of hard work, persevered through newly-established routines and stuck with strict diets.  However, their stories did not stop once they’ve reached their goal.  They continue to help others by drawing on their personal experiences.  Like you, they understand how hard it is to achieve your fitness goals.  They’re running beside you – to encourage you to keep on keeping on.

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Luke TanLuke Tan is a great example of how he lost weight and became a vegan bodybuilder.  He achieves an amazingly fit physique by consuming plant-based foods and exercising.

Earlier this year, Luke Tan came to Thanyapura to tell us how one can achieve the ideal body through plant-based foods.  The published author, health coach and vegan athlete helps people to get leaner and healthier.  Learn more about the plant-based lifestyle by following him at @livegreenlivelean on YoutubeFacebook and Instagram.

 “When I first knew about Thanyapura, my impression of it was just through images on the website and just that alone got me excited about my visit. Having the whole ‘Thanyapura experience’ though, was a whole different thing altogether. Not often, you come across a resort that integrates holistic health, plant-based nutrition, multisport facilities and mind training all under one roof. A state of the art performance centre with extremely knowledgeable, warm and friendly staff to match. To be a guest of this facility was such a magnificent experience but to be invited as an ambassador is truly an honour. Being a huge advocate for plant-based living, I look forward to the opportunity of promoting their plant-based health and athletic programs in the near future.”

From Fat to Ripped: Vegan Bodybuilder

@livegreenlivelean on Instagram

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