Cardio vs weights – which is better for weight loss?

cardio vs weightsPersonal Trainer Gabe Hihira answers one of the most pressing questions his clients ask him about weight loss: cardio vs weights – which is better for weight loss?
So, cardio vs weights is a topic that we get asked, as personal trainers all the time. It is quite a fun one to write about because everyone has a different opinion. We often get people telling us that their friend does one or the other and swears by it for weight loss. The point of this is that everyone is different, so my ultimate rule for fitness, exercise and health is each to their own. If you enjoy it, keep doing it. The same thing won’t work for everyone. Find your own path with cardio vs weights.
The first thing that you should ask yourself when thing about cardio vs weights is what your ultimate goal is. You should also ask yourself what you want to get from the exercises you are about to put yourself through because both of these questions and their answers can help make a difference and get your closer to your goal.

Cardio vs weights – the facts

Cardio is actually the slowest ‘fat burning’ method of the two, but it is the best way to help get your general fitness levels up. So, depending on what your goal is there are pros and cons to both of these. The ‘cardio is the way to lose fat’ mentality is all wrong. It’s actually the opposite. Weights will help you lose body fat, but cardio will just make you better at cardio.
Also, if you do too much cardio and don’t give your body time to rest and recover properly then cardio will actually contribute to thing that you don’t want to have and that is weight gain. Whereas weights are a great way to lose fat and get stronger while doing it, but it can also be a negative if your weight isn’t the actual issue. And by that I don’t mean an issue that you have made up, I mean an actual reason like needing to weigh a certain amount. For example, muay Thai fighters and jockeys. These guys actually work out with resistance and some weights, but they monitor their weight gain/loss very precisely.
So, in the grand scheme of things there are a few ultimate things to remember. These are:
  • You may weight more when you lift weights, but you will look smaller when you look in the mirror
  • Cardio is the only way to get fitter, so some need to be doing this regardless of their goal
  • Weight loss goals need to be certain. Make sure you are losing body fat and not muscle mass
  • Combining cardio vs weights would be ideal. Doing one without doing the other is only half of the equation for weight loss
  • If you want to be more ‘toned’ and get some shape, then doing weights is recommended
  • If you need to lose weight and body fat isn’t an issue then by all means do the cardio your body is craving

Ultimately we are all designed to move and be active, so as long as you are doing something then please keep doing that. But when you are looking for a specific change or want to add to a particular goal, just ask our personal trainers the question. Don’t read too much into it. You need to be aware that people always have an ulterior motive when they write in magazines, books and newspapers.

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