‘Changes In Latitudes/Changes In Attitudes’ is a song by Jimmy Buffet.  Perhaps you’ve heard it or depending on your age and taste in music, perhaps not.  The interesting thing about this song is the idea that the further south Mr. Buffet travels the more his mood improves!  Many times, something as simple as different surroundings can improve our mood.  But more often…simply deciding that we are going to act differently will bring us a positive change.
I tell people that when they are not in the best spirits, they should “have fun or fake it.”  The power of positive thinking has been proven to be very effective at helping us change our mood and our actions.  Unfortunately, the power of negative thinking can be just as destructive.  If we are feeling tired, and complaining to anyone that will listen, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are going to look and act tired.   When that happens, are we training ourselves to be better or to be tired?
When this happens, we need to step back, “change our latitude,” and start to act how we want to feel.  Put a smile on your face, give a genuine compliment to someone around you and let the positive power take over.  Soon you’ll be in a better state of mind and able to focus on the tasks at hand!
This week see if there are times when you are training yourself to be tired.  If so, adjust your attitude and see if that doesn’t help change that rut into a groove!


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