In the high tech, high speed world of fighter pilots, complacency is very deadly.  A pilot that flies with predictable habits has a short life expectancy in a dogfight.  Additionally, conditions of safe flight can change very rapidly, and a pilot that is complacent in checking his gauges and “situational awareness” (what was going on around him) can find himself in trouble in an instant.

With sport, the same lesson holds true…”Complacency Kills.”  Being complacent in training will lead to lacklustre performance.  Complacency in your preparations for training (stretching/warm-ups) will lead to an increased risk of injury.  Complacency in your eating habits will lead to poor diet, and poor energy levels at training and competition.  Unfortunately, these different areas are all affected by poor attention to any one of them.
Why does this happen to us?  Because if something works…we tend to stick with it.  Even to the point where we continue to do the same things when the benefit from the action has ceased to help us.  The reasoning is simple, if it works…keep doing it, and it will keep working.  However, many times that isn’t always the case.  But once it stops working for us, we still continue to do the action because it has become our habit…our routine.
Are there places where you can make improvements?  Don’t let complacency lull you into thinking you don’t need to try!  Make an effort, evaluate what you are doing, and make a change for the better.


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