Cycling Performance and Injury Recovery with Acupuncture

Cyclists often suffer sports injuries that are caused by the misuse or overuse of certain muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Our acupuncturist commonly sees injuries such as pulled muscles, strains, sprains, Achilles tendonitis and various inflammations that can stop an athlete from being able to train.

Acupuncture can be used effectively to reduce the pain and inflammation of sports injuries. It has also been shown to increase range of motion, accelerate healing time, and increase blood circulation to specific areas of the body, which not only promotes healing but also boosts athletic performance.

Athletes treated with acupuncture often have lower heart rates, but higher maximal exercise capacity and are able to handle greater workloads. Cyclists who receive acupuncture often have higher performance scores and ride faster than their competitors.

If inflammation or injuries are hindering your training, acupuncture at Thanyapura Health can help speed your recovery.


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