December Update – Triathlon

We were pleased to welcome athletes from all parts of the world to train and then race with us at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon, Junior Challenge, and the Challenge Laguna Phuket, part of the 10-day Laguna Phuket Triathlon Festival.

Congratulations to LPT champion Michael Raelert and Challenge Phuket champion Ruedi Wild, as well as back-to-back LPT and Challenge Phuket champion Simone Braendli, who have all done pre-race preparation at Thanyapura. Congratulations also to the participants from the MaccaX camp and the Swedish triathlon group.

This also marked the 3rd year of the Junior Challenge held here at Thanyapura. Our Chief Executive Chairman Chris McCormack was onsite to cheer on the kids, including his daughter Sienna who seems to have inherited his talent and won her age group. He said, “Three years ago people told us this would never work in Asia. Today over 250 kids competed in our Junior Challenge Triathlon at Thanyapura. Onwards and upwards!”

Our EJSA triathletes also competed, with Zavier Gates, Caleb Sadler, and Russel Liew on the podium for the Laguna Open Water Swim Race. Caleb also started in the elite wave and dominated his age group at the LPT.

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