Part Two: Day 1 of Detox at Thanyapura

This is the second article in four-part series chronicling Natasha’s personal detox journey.  Part one introduces the reader to the reasons for going on a detox.

After checking into my room in the Garden Wing, my 3 days and 2-night detox at Thanyapura were about to commence.

I am no stranger to healthy eating and have also done the occasional juice fast; I walked into this detox with much confidence that it would be a complete doddle. There was even food on the menu. How challenging can it really be?

Plant-Based Cuisine

Detox at Thanyapura

Zucchini Lasagna from DiVine’s raw menu

My first meal was delicious, a Zucchini Lasagna. I was following an 80/20 diet plan that consisted mainly of raw food and a small amount of cooked food, 100% plant based. I am a vegetarian anyhow, so I was really looking forward to mealtimes. The one downside? No coffee.

I began with a meeting with Khun Mam and Marcela to discuss nutrition. It was strangely emotional. We reviewed my body composition results, and my metabolic age was shambolic and my fat percentage way higher than anyone would want. I felt like a failure. How could I have let my health slip this far so fast?

Fortunately, both health care professionals in the room were not as deflated as me and I received some great nutritional guidance. The advice is quite simple; I need to eat more nuts, legumes, greens, flax seed oils and chia seeds.  And also to not be afraid of carbohydrates such as grains and brown rice, I need them after all. The next couple of days would teach me about how to reduce portion sizes and to introduce new food types into my diet so I can eat more balanced and gain more energy through more nutritious food choices.

I learnt in this session that I needed to focus on prevention, not curing, or a quick weight loss fix. The time spent at Thanyapura was going to be like pressing a reset button and not a miracle cure.  I walked into my next session of the day with this resolve.

‘Gentle Stretching’

Part Two: Day 1 of Detox at Thanyapura


Well, gentle stretching for elastic bands perhaps! I embarked on a rather challenging hour of yoga that, admittedly, helped to de-clutter my busy mind and stretched areas that probably have not been stretched for a few years.  Afterwards, Khun Goong in the spa rewarded me for my efforts with a rigorous muscle massage. I opted for the Thayapura Signature Massage and it was fantastic, highly recommended for those with tired and knotted computer-caused muscles.

Evening time meals are suggested to be eaten early, to allow the body time to digest before sleep time. So I made my way to the restaurant to eat my dinner, a Buckwheat Risotto. Day #1 of my detox was drawing to a close and I have to say, it was a rush of emotions. I had been reminded of how to take care of myself and felt all I wanted to do was wrap myself up in my duvet and watch a movie…and so I did.

About the Author

Part Two: Day 1 of Detox at ThanyapuraNatasha Eldred has been in Thailand for a decade and established Shine PR in 2010 after working at Laguna Phuket. Originally from the UK and formally an actor, Natasha has all the vitality and vigour to make your communications stand out from the crowd. A regular contributor to the fabulous UK based website The Luxury Spa Edit, in her spare time she enjoys SCUBA diving, yoga, dining, travelling and dog walking. Natasha is also is an avid animal welfare advocate and volunteers for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project. Natasha’s core competencies are PR, social media, communications, marketing and branding.

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