Endurance events like Triathlon and Running Competitions are individual sports. You have to make it from start to finish on your own.

But there is a “Team Factor”! The athlete with a good support crew might have an advantage over the competition.
If you consider supporting your loved one, a friend or your favorite athlete, here are a few guidelines to be the best supporter
you can be:
  • Gather information about the race upfront like time schedule, course details, rules and competitors. Nothing is more annoying than a supporter who has no clue.
  • Bring useful items like sunscreen, extra water bottles, energy bar, favourite treat for after the race.
  • Communicate with your athlete before the event to find out where you can be useful. Some require assistance with pumping up their tires or need split times (bring a watch). Others like a neck massage before the start or need just someone to talk to.
  • Deal with anxiety and nervousness by being positive! Avoid negative thoughts and doubts, and encourage your athlete.
Even if a race doesn’t go as planned, cheer them up!
Make your job as a supporter, a pleasant experience for you, for your athlete and for everybody else involved.
Who knows? You might be the competitor next time!


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