Elle Brookes: A Former Dancer’s Journey into Triathlon

Elle Brookes: A Former Dancer’s Journey into Triathlon“I had been running to keep fit with dancing.  Running was my background in staying healthy.  I found a love for triathlon, got a bike, started swimming and the rest is history.  The more competitions I did, the more competitive I got,” said up-and-coming Australian triathlete Elle Brookes, who trains at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort.  At 28 years old, Elle has been raising her son as a full-time mom when she moved to Phuket over a year ago.  In Australia, she worked for Nickelodeon and Showtime Attractions as an entertainer and taught tap, jazz and ballet at Strictly Dance for children ages 8-18 on the side.  Her passion for dance and entertainment started at Davidia Lind Dance Centre (DLDC), where she graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance.

Elle Brookes: A Former Dancer’s Journey into Triathlon

Elle Brookes with fellow triathlete, Amelia Watkinson and senior cycling coach, Daniel Amby.

“Training at Thanyapura is great for me – it’s all in one place.  Everyone is supportive of your journey.  It’s safe as well – especially the cycling.  I was standoffish in cycling, but the coaches provided support and I learned so much in a short time.  I love meeting new people and to talk to them about their journeys,” said Elle.  After competing in fun runs in Australia and Thailand, Elle started “Track Sessions” with Thanyapura’s Head Coach of Triathlon, Ricky Phanthip, who helped her discover a passion for cycling and swimming.  She became hooked on triathlon after completing her first competition.

Elle has changed her lifestyle to excel in triathlons by optimising her diet.  Marcela Soto Prats, nutritionist and Muay Thai World Champion, gives her guidance on eating for sports performance.  “As a dancer, you’re not coached on nutrition.  We eat minimally to squeeze into small costumes.  Being in triathlon, you have to eat.  When I met Marcela, she was informative.  She takes convenience into consideration and combines her knowledge in nutrition.  As a high-protein vegetarian, I’m not a strict diet but I do love the raw menu at DiVine Restaurant.”

Elle Brookes: A Former Dancer’s Journey into Triathlon

Elle Brookes with Head Coach of Triathlon, Ricky Phanthip and her mother

The best triathletes know that the mind is the key to staying on top in triathlon.  “The mind training sessions with Pierre Gagnon help with my self-confidence.  This is a huge part of racing and I learn techniques to improve mental toughness.”

Elle remains a top finisher in Asia Pacific triathlons since she started triathlon training in 2016.  Follow her on Instagram at @elle_ethan_25.

Elle Brookes’ Race Record


  • 1st Overall Female – Sprint Triathlon, Samila Triathlon, Songkla – March
  • 2nd Age Group – 10 Mile SuperSports International Run – March
  • 1st Overall Female – Sprint, Tri-League, Bangsaen – March
  • 1st Overall Female – Sprint, TriFactor, Sattahip – March
  • 1st Overall Female – Duathlon, PowerMan Asia Championships, Malaysia – March
  • 1st Age Group – Thanyapura Classic, Phuket – January
  • 1st Overall Female – Duathlon, PowerMan, Nakon Nayak – February


  • 1st Mixed Team – Laguna Phuket Triathlon – Relay – Phuket – November
  • 2nd All Female – Ironman 70.3 – Relay – Phuket – November
  • 1st Overall Female Age Group – Phuket International Marathon – June
Upcoming Races
  • Sunrise Sprint Triathlon – Vietnam – 7th May
  • Thanyapura TriDash – 20th May
  • Toyota TriLeague Series – Pattaya – 27th May
  • Bintan, Indonesia 70.3 – 20 August
  • Challenge Kanchanaburi – 22 October
  • Laguna Phuket Tri – 19 November
  • Ironman Thailand 70.3 – 26 November
  • Taupo, New Zealand 70.3 – 9 December
Elle Brookes

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