Scientific studies suggest that our unhealthy environment, unhealthy habits and stress cause in our body greater amounts of free radicals. This can bring to the destruction of enzymes, cellular membranes, nucleic acids (DNA), and this puts into trouble our immune system, linking this situation to a lot of symptoms and diseases, from fatigue and poor physical performance, to cancer, heart disease and even dementia. To prevent this from happening, our body has antioxidants that are capable of fighting back this reactive substances or even eliminate them. The problem is that sometimes the amount of antioxidants our body has is not enough. Supplementation of this antioxidants can help, but there is no better way for the body than to get the antioxidants from their primary source: the food.In this lecture, you are going to learn about the importance of antioxidants as part of your daily diet, in a detox process and also where to find in food the most powerful antioxidants to fight back toxins in our bodies.

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