Organic Skincare School

Organic Skincare School

Workshop Details

Dee Manojlovic is teaching a personalized workshop about designing a professional and safe product derived from natural ingredients.

The workshop will cover topics on using natural ingredients for beauty products:

  • Learn the difference between conventional, natural, and organic skincare products
  • Discover what the “green movement” is and benefits of plant materials
  • The real definition of “holistic” and how to use it to our advantage through whole foods
  • Most commonly used ingredients for natural skincare
  • What’s on product labels and how to read it
  • Which ingredients to avoid and why
  • Myth-busters on the preservative-free hype
  • Tips and tricks for healthy, glowing skin

Event Flyer

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For THB 2,800 per person, the class includes:

  • Printed formulation breakdown
  • Choose your own aroma
  • Learn how to formulate products
  • Test your product
  • Organic anti-aging under eye cream
Speaker's Background


Dubravka “Dee” Manojlovic, Certified Organic Skincare Tutor and Formulator, works in the European pharmaceutical industry.  Her focus is wellness, dietary supplements, herbal preparations, healthy foods and essential oils.  She is certified by Formula Botanica, a certified skincare school based in the United Kingdom.

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