swim for gold phuket swim clinic

Swim for Gold Phuket Swim Clinic

The Phuket swim clinic, “Swim for Gold,” is an intensive one-on-one personal coaching camp for beginning swimmers of all ages.  Learn up to four strokes and develop correct techniques.  Olympic-level coaches will share expert tips to aid to the swimmer’s growth and skills.  The coaches will analyze your movement patterns and work with you to correct it.

The program is open to men, women, and youth of all ages from 10 years and above.  Families, singles, couples, groups, and teams are welcomed.

Coaches’ Background

  • Miguel Lopez currently trains eight Olympic swimmers.  His students set over 200 national records in 2016.
  • Dr. D. Emerson Ramirez Farto coaches two junior swimmers, was a former coach of Peru’s National Team, and is currently a university professor of swimming.

Prices for the Phuket Swim Clinic

All Inclusive (with accommodation)
Teacher's Single Room37,400 THB
Teacher's Shared Room31,590 THB
Swimmer's Shared Room24,590 THB
Camp Only
Teachers14,000 THB
Swimmers7,000 THB
Weekend Camp Only (Friday, Saturday)
Teachers4,000 THB
Swimmers2,000 THB
Daily Rate
Teachers2,500 THB


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