Thanyapura Open Swim League 2016-2017


1.1 The object of this swim league is to get all the local swimmers from Phuket and its surroundings to have a swim competition every month or so, and to make the team competition significant by having a team score.

1.2 There will be four sessions, starting at 08.00 on September 17th, November 5th, April 22nd and June 10th

1.3. For the 2016-2017 season, it will be open to all teams in Phuket, and surrounding areas.

1.4 All clubs must confirm their participation in the league before September 1st. Participation costs 400THB per swimmer and session.

1.5 The meets will be held in Thanyapura’s 25 meter pool for the September session and the 50 meter pool for the other sessions.

1.7 At least one and a half hours before the start of each session the pool will be available to swimmers for warm up. The pool will be available from 6.30 until 8.00 for warm up.

1.8 The organization will provide participants with water and fruit when they finish each event.
>>Please download the full program here <<

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