Thanyapura Triathlon Certification Camp 2016

Thanyapura 70.3 Certification Camp (Beginner/Intermediate)
If you’re planning on racing your first 70.3 or are looking to improve your times, join us at our Thanyapura 70.3 Certification Camp !

At this camp, besides comprehensive coaching and fun group workouts, you will be evaluated by our coaches to see if you’re ready to complete or to improve at a 70.3 race.
You will receive a certificate by Thanyapura and race time prediction.”

* Camp + 4 – If you’re interested in staying and training with us for 4 extra days (before or after the camp) we offer special discount on rates for accommodation and training, as guest “camper”.

Ironman Camp
Are you racing at the Asia-Pacific Champs – Ironman Cairns or any other Ironman in June, July or August? And want to get great coaching and a good training Foundation with a bunch of fun people ?

This Camp is for you ! 5 days of solid swim,bike and run training under the eyes of our expert coaches. Here you can work on your skills while getting good training volume.

Contact: for more information and to book

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