F1 drivers Jenson Button and Marcus Ericsson Prepare for Singapore

F1 drivers Jenson Button and Marcus Ericsson Prepare for SingaporeFormula 1 drivers Jenson Button and Marcus Ericsson have been acclimatising to the heat at a training camp in Thailand ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The racing car drivers, Jenson Button and Marcus Ericsson, arrived at Thanyapura – Asia’s premier sports facility – last week to begin heat training ahead of their upcoming race.

The pair has been making the most of the world-class facilities and doing some triathlon training with fellow triathletes Sergio Borges, Chris McCormack, Paul Amey and former Tour de France competitor Nick Gates.

Ericsson spoke to Thanyapura’s Sports Scientist Tom Topham about the benefits of heat training before a race like Singapore.

He said: “I think you mentally prepare yourself when heat training because every time I come to Thailand, for training the first day or two is a bit of a shock but after a couple of days I get used to it and don’t think about as much.

“So, I think that is why we are come here before Singapore, as Singapore is the worst race for us with heat and humidity. You don’t want that shock [of the heat] to hit you when you are driving the car for the first time in the weekend. I think it is good for your body to feel it and get used to it.”

Four-time world champion and Thanyapura Executive Chairman, Chris McCormack said: “It has been a pleasure having Jenson Button and Marcus Ericsson training with us at Thanyapura this week.

“They have come here for some heat acclimatization work ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix next weekend. Singapore gets incredibly hot and Formula 1 drivers, during a race, often lose three kilos while their heart races up to 170 beats per minute so they have to be fit and ready for it. Their week at Thanyapura can help dramatically during the race, especially in the last 15 laps of a Grand Prix.”

Jenson Button, who is a former F1 World Champion, is an accomplished triathlete who competes in many events around the world and stages a triathlon in England every year to raise money for cancer research.

Thanyapura is set on 23 hectares of pristine land at the foothill of a national park. It is located near Phuket International Airport and the island’s famed beaches, with its elite coaches augmented by world-class sports scientists, medical and health practitioners, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

The spectacular training centre of Southeast Asia, 23-hectare one-stop-shop mega venue is a regular training base for triathlon stars, such as two-time world champion Caroline Steffen, Jenson Button, Ronnie Schildknecht, who was the only man to win the same elite triathlon event seven straight times, and Hall of Famer Belinda Granger.

They are lured to the acclaimed sporting Mecca because of the Olympic-standard facilities and world-class stable of coaches, sports scientists, sports psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists and chiropractors – with everything underpinned by Thanyapura’s unique three-dimensional coaching model for the mind, body and soul.

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