February Update – Gym & Fitness

January in the gym means New Year’s resolutions — there’s always an uptick in gym sign-ups and attendance this month. Unfortunately, many are not able to see their resolutions through to the rest of the year. Don’t let that be you! This is the perfect time to reflect on the things that did and didn’t work for you in 2014, and install habits that create change in 2015. Thanyapura’s fitness team will be on hand for whatever assistance you need.

We have a great team on board with our Fat Burn program, and an amazing number of new personal training clients. These guys have taken action already but it’s not too late: we still have some slots available and our next intake on the fat burn program is the 9th Feb. Already, one of our members lost 3kg in week one and another lost 1kg fat and gained 0.3kg of muscle.

Whether you want our expert advice or just to join a fitness class, now is the time to do it. Take action and achieve those new year’s resolutions in 2015!

We would also like to give a BIG well done to Alexis Von Hardenberg who managed to shed 10% bodyfat over the Christmas period. He goes back to university a changed man! Great job, buddy!

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