February Update – Sports Science

Our Computrainers are up and running! The sports science department has been busy providing group Functional Threshold Power (FTP) tests on the Computrainers. This is a great test to measure your current cycling fitness, get your numbers and kick off your New Year training plan! Among those tested so far are our Elite Junior Sports Academy triathletes, the W2 cycling team, and Thai rock star Toon Bodyslam’s tri team.

computrainer-1 computrainer-2

The FTP test stands for functional threshold power and is a measure of cycling performance. Following a 20-minute test in our lab, clients will receive a detailed report of their current cycling fitness and future training zones and recommendations. The tests are great to do in a group with up to 8 riders tested each time. So come and have a go and bring your friends along!

Over the next month we will be working closely with our cycling academy director Nick Gates to include specific Computrainer sessions. These sessions will give a specific focus to your training and are a great way to make fast improvements on the bike.

For more information on FTP testing and Computrainer booking, contact tom.topham@thanyapura.com

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