How many of you have heard the term ‘Functional Movement Screen or Movement Analysis’? Over the last 5-8 years these terms have become very popular in the fitness and training world but yet so few people know what they are or understand how they relate to their own training programs.

The most common functional movement screen is actually called the FMS and was designed by two physiotherapists in the USA. It consists of seven exercises and you are scored based on how well you execute the movement. From these movements, potential injury risk can be asset and corrective exercises prescribed to help get your body moving correctly. At an Olympic level most high performance coaches have their own movement analysis based on the demands of the sport they are working with or the athlete they are working with and these are usually much more in-depth with anywhere from 8-20 movements evaluated.
So why so much emphasis on movement? Because research strongly shows that movement will always supersede a physiological response. What I mean by that is if I told you to do 10 squats and on number 7 your movement patterned changed, that is where we will stop. I will not let you go to number 8 because then your body will start to compensate and when you compensate and create a muscle imbalance across a joint, you become much more susceptible to injuries and your movements are not as efficient when you are performing your sport or training session.  And like results, injuries do not happen right away they happen over time. Imagine 3-4 years of training and all the while you were doing squats or box jumps incorrectly, the amount of damage that that could potential do to your knee, hips, or back could have an everlasting effect on your life. Remember it is not about the weight you lift or the quantity you do, but rather the quality of training that will allow you to see those improvements!


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