Being 6 weeks away from the CLPT Triathlon, athletes should make their final decisions on their race equipment soon.

Your gear has to meet the challenges of the race.


For the swim you want to make sure your vision is right. Get some new googles and double check if they fit correctly. Choose a comfortable one that does not llimit your vision. If the goggle gets foggy inside please use anti fog spray or clean them with body shampoo or tooth paste to remove grease. Use a swimsuit, trisuit or tritop/trishort combination with a tight, but comfortable fit to reduce drag.


For the cycle section make sure your bike is in a technically perfect condition. If you don’t have any bike mechanic skills, please see one of the local bike shops.

The CLPT course is quite hilly and technical. A Time Trial Bike with steep seat angle and aero equipment might not be the perfect bike for everyone. If you ride slower than 35km/h normal wheels and a simple road bike could be the better option. If you want to use aero bars, please get used to them now. They require some experience and practice.


On the running leg you have to rely on your shoes. Break them in before the race. I recommend to run at least 20km with them before using them on race day. Make up your mind now if you want to wear socks or not. You need to check your shoes now if you can run in them sockless or not. Use a visor and sun protection during competition. Your body will be thankful. Vaseline on sensitive body parts is also a good idea.



If you are advanced and use carbon wheels, please use the compatible brake pads for better safety. Put at least 1 bottle cage on your bike and make sure the bottle does not fall out when you ride over a bump. Carry a spare tire and a mini pump or CO2 to be able to change a flat tire. If you don’t know how to change a flat, please get some instructions now from an experienced cyclist.

Please choose a helmet with sufficient ventilation. It will be hot!



Plan your nutrition ahead!

Carry some gels or whatever works for you. It is very important to know how to transport them on race day. Place them safe somewhere on your bike. A race suit with pockets makes sense!


Thanyapura is organizing an official Challenge Laguna Phuket training special from October 18-November 3, 2013 with Thanyapura coaches Jürgen Zäck and Tim Jardine. Check out the race course with expert local knowledge! The more you know about the course the bigger your advantage over your competition!


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