Guest Post: What’s Your Excuse?

Every time I arrive at Thanyapura I am reminded about just how easy it is to experience world-class training at a fraction of the cost of the more ‘established’ training locations. I mean honestly, why more people aren’t travelling here for their training trips baffles me. I assume it is because there are a number of perceived barriers. So I thought I would address the solutions to the multitude of potential problems that people may assume could present themselves if they did come here to train.

Guest Post: What's Your Excuse?I’m Not Good Enough

One of the biggest limits I think people place on themselves is that because Thanyapura is a state of the art training facility, you need to be a world class athlete to train here. That is not the case at all. Every session I have participated in so far caters to people of all abilities and no one is ever left behind. I have always been impressed by the coaching staff’s ability to manage the different levels of athletes at the same time. Yesterday on our long ride I really wanted to go further than 110km and was worried that I would be the only one. For me, the ability to join the pro-team as they continued on meant I didn’t have to ride solo at all. On top of that, they were friendly and we spent the majority of the ride working hard and having a good time. It went much faster. If you are really worried about training in a group environment you are able to train one-on-one with any of the coaching staff as well.

Guest Post: What's Your Excuse?The Logistics are Too Difficult

Again, here Thanyapura have thought of everything. You are able to book all-inclusive packages that mean the only thing you need to take care of for yourself is the plane ticket. Their staff will meet you at the airport and deliver you to the hotel. If you don’t want to take your own bike with you they have a whole fleet of high quality bikes that you can use while you are training here. You can eat all your meals on-site as well as have access to massage and a range of other health facilities. In fact, from the moment you arrive in Phuket, all you need to focus on is training as much or as little as you want. It means you can literally think about nothing other than training from the moment you get on the plane. If you have a family with you there are plenty of activities for them as well. I mean it is a resort as well and the staff are able to organise tours and other things to do for your family while you are out training.

Guest Post: What's Your Excuse?It is Too Expensive

I don’t know about other places in the world but I come to Phuket to train so often because the cost of travelling and training here are a lot lower than a lot of other locations in Australia. I am sure it would be the same in other parts of the world. Once you get here the costs are incredibly low. On our bike ride yesterday I stopped and got a bottle of water, an electrolyte drink, a coke and a soda water plus a sneaky coffee and it cost be about $3AUD! Now add on top of that the fact that you are staying in an incredible venue and have access to state of the art facilities for a price that is similar if not cheaper than most places I would normally train in Australia. I think it is worth a slightly longer flight just for that.

Guest Post: What's Your Excuse?I Want a Holiday

The reason I love to take my holidays here is because it gives my trip a purpose. I am not a lay by the pool all day kind of person. But if you are you can still spend plenty of time just doing that. Imagine you spend the morning training and then the afternoon sipping cocktails by the pool. Basically you are able to train as much or as little as you want and can ensure you get the relaxing holiday but maybe don’t put on those holiday kgs at the same time

While this is all basic stuff, the point I am trying to make is that for whatever reason you are hesitant about taking a trip to Thanyapura there is an answer to your problem. The staff are super friendly and are able to accommodate your needs, whatever they maybe. So if you are keen to do a solid block of training or want to have a family holiday where maybe you get some amazing training in at the same time then seriously consider Thanyapura. I did and I have been coming back ever since!

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