How a Daily Yoga Routine can Combat Sleep Disorders

Few people know how effective yoga actually is for sleep disorders. Yoga is mostly viewed as simple exercises that seek to integrate the functioning of various organ systems such as the body, mind, and soul.

However, Yoga has proven to be more than a form of exercise. It has grown to be an embodiment of the general well-being expected of an individual that incorporates meditation, proper breathing, nutrition, and psychology.

prevent sleep disorders with yoga

It has evolved from being labeled as a backroom physical exercise to a recognized form of both physiological and psychological therapy. If incorporated into everyone’s day to day lifestyle, Yoga would have a lasting impact.

It would especially help with sleep disorders which has become a major problem for most individuals. For instance, the Center for Disease Control CDC has reported that more than 23% of all Americans have at given stage of their life reported having sleep disorders, especially insomnia.

Relationship Between Yoga and Better Sleep Patterns

Lack of sleep at night due to sleep disorders or irregular sleeping patterns can be caused by a number of factors related to the body, mind or soul. These are the three primary contributors to an individual’s well-being.

Their improper coordination can be manifested in various ways including lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns. Yoga exercises help improve the coordination of these three vital parts of an individual’s well-being and in the process act as the well-needed cure to various sleeping disorders.

However, for it to be effective, it has to be regularly practiced and that means incorporating it into the individual’s lifestyle.

How Yoga Helps with sleep disorders 

Sleep better with yoga

Some of the most common sleeping irregularities include trouble catching sleep or waking up at night and difficulty in falling back asleep again. In any case, yoga exercises always come in handy.

Sleep is associated with the mind and it is recommended that individuals first be at peace with their minds if they are to handle sleep disorders.

Some of the yoga exercises that have been proved to induce relaxation include regular breathing exercises, book reading, and meditation with a silent or slow music background.

These helps balance your mind, improve your social relationships, and assist in awareness enhancement that is a key contributor to personal relaxation. For yoga to help with sleep disorders and improving sleeping patterns, there are some factors you might consider adopting.
First, check at what time you usually feel most tired at and make it your regular sleeping time. If you are to fall asleep fast, this time should be preceded by several relaxation exercises that should include breathing or reading exercises.

Breathing exercises have also been proved to be an excellent way of relaxing the body and speeding up the process of falling back asleep in case one loses sleep in the dead of the night.

The Yoga Practice Environment

For you to achieve optimal peace of mind during the yoga sessions, the environment in which you are practicing in must also not compromise on peace and cleanliness.

How peaceful and relaxing the place is may be determined by such factors as family members or the shared neighborhood. You, however, are responsible for determining how clean it can be.

The surest way of ensuring a clean yoga environment is by making sure you are using any type of upholstery cleaner in ensuring that the mat or cushions that you regularly use during your yoga exercises are always clean.

Yoga is a natural treatment for the body, mind, and soul that can have a significant impact on sleep disorders. It helps different individuals of different gender and ages achieve a balanced life.

With a balance and fulfillment, it becomes quite easy for these individuals to develop regular and healthy sleep patterns.

Nevertheless, to achieve this satisfaction, you have to research widely on various other yoga sleeping techniques or hook up with the several online classes available.

Lastly, one should also ensure their yoga practice environment is relaxing and accommodating.


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How a Daily Yoga Routine can Combat Sleep DisordersPierre Gagnon practised concentration and insight meditation intensively from 2010 to 2012, then went on to study meditation at Wat Suan Mokkh with the venerable Ajahn Po from 2013 to 2015. As well as his own practice, he has coordinated meditation retreats in the south of Thailand which were attended by more than 1,000 people.

Having a great passion in the field of neuroscience, he likes to integrate these concepts into meditation practice. He believes that much of our life is lived resisting and defending against internal and external experiences that people perceive as threats. Through the development of concentration and meditation, we can insightfully see that all experiences are harmless and there is no need to defend of contract around them.  Pierre has experience coordinating concentration and insight meditation retreats, teaching the relationship that exists between Buddhism and neuroscience.

About the Author

BochakornBOCHAKORN BOONSERM (MAAM) began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then shifted to embrace natural healing and integrative medicines. Her training and certifications abroad include: Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

During her therapeutic sessions, she may also incorporate other aspects of integrative medicines when required, including: acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, nutritional, supplements and herbal recommendation.

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