How to Detox with Yoga

how to detox with yogaThanyapura’s Yoga Instructor Erin Fischer talks about what it means to detox with yoga and how to detox.

How to detox with yoga

There’s a lot of talk about detoxing these days, and you may have heard that yoga is great to ‘detoxify’ the body. But what does this even mean? I mean, are we all so toxic that we need to be detoxed consistently? And how is yoga going to achieve this feeling of purity that we are seeking? Hopefully, we can help get to the bottom of this… Let’s take a look at what we mean when we say ‘toxins’: when we say ‘toxic,’ we mean that there are substances in your body that are not naturally there, and you would likely feel better if they were not there in large amounts.

Some toxins have little to no effect on your day-to-day life, and others can make you sick or cause discomfort or sickness. There are 2 kinds of toxins mainly: foreign substances absorbed from foods, through the skin, or from the atmosphere through the lungs. These include things like metals, preservatives, pesticides, and the like. The second type is the waste produced by your own body; things like metabolic waste from muscles after a workout, digestive waste, and natural secretions from the body. There are many different studies about how to detox these toxins out of our bodies.

Sounds like a lot to deal with, right? Well, don’t be alarmed…our body comes with a top of the line system for clearing out most of this junk, so we have a good foundation. What we see in our modern culture, however, is that many people have become stagnant, moving less, and consuming more. This, paired with the ever-increasing levels of additives we put into our foods, water, air, and even clothing; puts more stress on our natural detoxification systems than ever before (think caffeine, preservatives, mercury from fish, excess sugar, etc.) It is for this reason, that ‘detoxifying’ practices like yoga, massage, and good old-fashion sweating can help us feel better and give our bodies a boost.

Yoga is included in this list because it has a measurable effect on the circulatory system, respiration, and digestion: all important parts of our detoxification process. Some yoga teachers may describe poses that are ‘massaging the liver’ or ‘wringing out the spine.’ Please understand that you are not actually massaging you liver or squeezing any fluid from your spine. This kind of language has become popular to help people visualize and connect with their bodies, and is not to be taken quite literally.

True, yoga poses and yoga breathing practices are aiding in the functions of the liver, spine, and many other things, because you are moving your body, perhaps in ways you wouldn’t otherwise, and this is moving blood, lymph (our immune cells) and gases through the body. Additionally, yoga is a great way to measurably lower cortisol levels, the destructive stress hormones) that cause you to age more quickly, lower your ability to focus and sleep, and cause fatigue and depression.

Of course, these effects come when you are in a yoga class that is appropriate for your experience level, and you can actually stress your body too much if you jump into a difficult class without practicing on a beginners level and learning the basics first- which would not create the relaxing, detoxification you are looking for! So, choose your classes wisely when figuring out how to detox with yoga, and if you are in doubt- ask an experienced yoga teacher for help in selecting a class, and most importantly: BE HONEST about your experience, any injuries, or concerns, and your teacher should be able to help and offer you the safest, most effective poses and breath practices for your body!

Utilize this advice on how to detox and start practicing yoga today at Thanyapura. If you need anymore information on how to detox, or which yoga class you should take, get in touch with our coaches.

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