Did you ever wonder why almost every world class swimmer is training in a squad as a team?

Were you ever amazed by the beautiful technique and discipline once you had a chance to observe an elite swim team?
The answer is simple: They are beyond just swimming up and down in a pool and you can become the same.
A well structured swim session includes different aspects:
  • Stroke Correction
  • Learning different strokes (fly, Back, Breast, Free)
  • Working on a strong kick
  • Better “Feel” for the water
  • Getting more streamlined to reduce drag
  • Improving your aerobic and anaerobic fitness by swimming programs with proper rest and different speed
  • Better motivation by swimming in a group Including Triathlon specific aspects (if you re a triathlete)
Thanyapura offers group sessions for adult swimmer and triathletes from beginner to professional.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am and Tuesday, Thursday at 10am.
On Saturday 4pm we offer a “Zack Attack” swim which includes triathlon specific aspects like mass start and drafting situations. It helps a lot to use the momentum of a group and get the guidance by an experienced coach. You might have a chance to observe world class swim squads as the Dutch or Singaporean National Team as well.
Going back and forth on your own without improvement doesn’t do it!
Join us for a session and swimming faster becomes fun!


Thanyapura Phuket Thailand
Telephone: +66 (0)76 336 000
Email: reservations@thanyapura.com

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