Key To Bodybuilding is in Muscle Confusion



Are you feeling stuck with your present mode of bodybuilding? Want to build muscle faster? Then this article just what you need. Muscle confusion is absolutely necessary to attain progress faster.

It’s nice to have a routine.

A strategy when hitting the gym. For many of us this is the habit that forms which allows us to create a consistency of exercise. For this habit is what will create the changes in our bodies and minds right?

Not always the case.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t create a habit or even a set time for going to the gym. But if your habit also involves setting a routine workout with zero flexibility or change up you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

The human body and mind is a complex machine, if you will. A system that is known to adapt to stimulus.

Which is why it is in your best interest to shock that system every so often. Shock like having a cheat meal to promote insulin spikes so your body doesn’t baseline to a constant flow of healthy nutritious food.

Yes, I just told you that you should eat dirty every so often to promote health. It’s not as a foreign a thought as one might think. Bodybuilding techniques like this have been around for years.

Much like shocking your digestive system you want to give a little shock to your bodybuilding progress too.

This shock comes in the form of Muscle Confusion.

The way muscle confusion works is it provides stimulus in the mode of activity or exercise in your routine.

At Thanyapura we have such a broad selection of fitness classes and workout strategies for you to apply, there is no end to the possibilities of creating muscle confusion in your routine.

The reason you want to involve a bodybuilding strategy of muscle confusion in your regiment is because of the body’s natural response to plateau. This isn’t just a myth kicked around the gym, it is a very real thing.

This plateau goes by another name in the science community called Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome and it looks like this:



As you can see in this model there are three basic stages:

  • Alarm Reaction
  • Stage of Resistance
  • Stage of Exhaustion

In the Alarm Reaction stage it is crucial to overload the system. This is where the model of “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” comes into play.

As you enter this stage you want to really add the exercises and weight that is just outside of your comfort zone. Not so much that you injure yourself but certainly enough to really create a need to adapt by building lean muscle to reinforce the challenge the new bodybuilding technique has placed on ourselves.

By doing this we now enter the Stage of Resistance.

This is where real change begins to occur.

Say we entered into a particular routine, like isolation muscle growth or maybe we jumped into something with the TRX bands or body resistance.  The longer we stay in this mode of exercise the sooner we find ourselves in what is called the PLATEAU.

This is that stage where we are pushing our bodies to the max but no longer seeing the change we initially observed in the first two stages. Now we are in the third stage, The Stage of Exhaustion.

If we continue to push through this plateau using the same routine, we might find ourselves creating a negative reaction in our body which leads to over-reaching and over-training.

This is often where we find ourselves in the most amount of discomfort, and potentially injury.

Now to save ourselves the trouble and time spent in the stage of exhaustion we can actually push past the plateau by resetting to the first stage again only with a new routine.

Now we get a whole new Alarm Reaction and Stage of Resistance.

This is the core basis of Muscle Confusion as it relates to bodybuilding.

There are also other ways in which you can create variety, not only through our various classes.

When you are in the gym, instead of working the whole body, try working out one or two muscle groups then only working in frequency of once or max twice a week.

This allows you to build each muscle group as you go.

But never skip major muscle groups like Legs or Back.

It’s not just an internet meme but also a key element to bodybuilding. Major muscle groups support smaller muscle groups and are all factor into the greater picture of your bodybuilding success.

I hope you found this article useful. I for one found muscle confusion to be the game changer I needed to really jump start things in my progress.

We have all been in that world of plateau and it is not a great place to be. But by changing it up and building some variety we create the very spice of life that makes all the difference.

By adding variety, your time at the gym can keep fresh too. Exciting and different. Rather than becoming a chore or a box to check off in the many tasks we find ourselves in day to day.



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