Maximize Your Athletic Performance: Top Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Upping Your Game

Maximize Your Athletic Performance: Top Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Upping Your Game

Maximize Your Athletic Performance: Top Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Upping Your GameProfessional athletes know what it takes to achieve greatness. To deliver peak performance, they must push themselves to train better and harder. Eating healthy and well-balanced foods and keeping a structured training regimen is essential.

Their coaches are there every step of the way to keep them focused on achieving greatness. But without a coach, it can be challenging for everyday athletes to find the inspiration (or “fitspiration”) needed to eat better and up their fitness game.

I learned that podcasts and YouTube videos could be excellent sources for finding quality health and fitness advice. Here’s my list of the very best podcasts and YouTube channels that have helped me up my wellness game.

Fitness & High-Performance Training

Maximize Your Athletic Performance: Top Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Upping Your GameClassroom Champions:

Pro athletes help high school students set goals and dream big via YouTube video lessons and live chats. Their powerful and inspirational messages keep me motivated to reach my health and fitness goals. Christian Taylor, the two-time, triple jump Olympic gold medalist, has a powerful video about what it means to persevere through adversity. He tells the stories of great athletes like Michael Jordan who refused to let setbacks get in the way of achieving his life goals.

Scott Herman Fitness:

Scott Herman’s wildly popular YouTube channel is like a 1:1 personal training session for me. His strength training videos are easy to follow and teach me the proper form necessary to avoid injuries.

Vinyasa Yoga with Nathan Johnson:

Even the most hardcore endurance athletes and weightlifting buffs can benefit from this yoga podcast. Yoga helps keep my core strong and my body flexible — two essential elements of peak physical fitness. Nathan Johnson’s classes are 45-65 minutes in length and are appropriate for a variety of experience and fitness levels.


Husband and wife team, Daniel and Kelli created over five-hundred fitness videos to help others achieve a healthy body. There’s even a series of workout challenges ranging from three days to several weeks in length. I watch their videos whenever I need to shake up my usual cardio and strength routine.

The Rich Roll Podcast:

Rich Roll is a vegan, an ultra-athlete, and a best-selling author. He interviews world-class athletes, medical professionals, nutritionists, and trainers. His podcast episodes cover a broad range of wellness topics, like plant-based nutrition and meditation. I’m in awe of his transformation from an overweight drug addict to becoming one of the fittest men in the world.

High Intensity Health Radio with Mike Mutzel:

Mike Mutzel interviews top fitness, nutrition, and functional medicine professionals. He dishes out practical health and fitness hacks that any level of athlete can use. Podcast topics include everything from how to fight fatigue, to advice on how to maintain fitness and strength all year long.


I’ve never been much of a Pilates person until I discovered Cassey Ho’s Blogilates YouTube channel. Her Pilates-based workout videos are fun, engaging, and occasionally funny. It’s no surprise to me that Blogilates is now the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube! Her “love your body” helps build the confidence needed to push my body to the next level of fitness.

Healthy Eating Habits & Nutrition   

Maximize Your Athletic Performance: Top Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Upping Your GameJoyous Health:

Joy McCarthy is a holistic nutritionist, author, and blogger. Her YouTube videos include easy-to-make recipes, practical eating tips, and advice on natural living. When I’m on-the-go, it’s sometimes difficult for me to find healthy meal options. But her straightforward and easy-to-follow recipes help me eat healthy without taking up too much of my time.

Clean and Delicious with Dani Spies:

Dani Spies is a health, wellness, weight loss coach, and mom who’s on a mission to help others eat better by cooking more. Her YouTube channel features how-to videos on the basics, like how to cut a cantaloupe and what foods to buy at the grocery store. I don’t consider myself to be much of a cook, but her meal recipes take minimal effort and time to prepare.

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison:
Christy Harrison’s message is all about creating healthy relationships with food. She’s a dietitian, nutritionist, and certified intuitive eating counselor who teaches others how to eat healthy without dieting. Her tips on how to practice more mindful eating have shown me how to slow down and savor nutritious meals.

The Ultimate Health Podcast: Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise:
Health experts, Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman want to help others reach their ultimate potential and live better lives. Their podcast features enlightening interviews with well-known fitness, health, and wellness experts. They delve into topics like fitness, spirituality, meditation, how to develop a growth mindset, and how to sleep better. I find that the information shared in each podcast episode is both insightful and easy to understand (Re: jargon-free!).

The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous:
On her podcast, “Nutrition Diva,” Monica Reinagel’s shares simple nutrition adjustments that can lead to significant health benefits. She sifts through the noise of nutrition advice to separate the facts from fiction in a way that’s both humorous and engaging.

Mind Over Munch:
Alyssia Sheikh wants to redefine the discussion around health and nutrition. Her supportive and passionate online community is all about making sustainable lifestyle changes. I love that she shuns fad diets in favor of nutritious, guilt-free, and delicious meals. In a culture obsessed with quick-fix diets, Alyssia’s no-nonsense advice is refreshing.

The Domestic Geek:
Home cook, Sara Lynn Cauchon makes YouTube videos with healthy eating tips and shortcuts for people who are busy and on-the-go. Since 2014, she’s shared nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes that are quick and easy to make. I love the fact that she isn’t a professional chef, but a home cook who wants to share recipes that she and her family love.

These podcasts and YouTube channels help me maintain an athlete’s mindset: to eat right, train hard, and stay focused on achieving my ultimate goals.

Maximize Your Athletic Performance: Top Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Upping Your Game

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