May – July Promotion: Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort offers services in physiotherapy, chiropractic, and Chinese medicine for athletes, rehabilitation patients or general relaxation.  A Certified Phuket chiropractor and therapist address functions of the joints, muscles and nerves to promote overall health.

Treatments are used for acute and chronic discomfort or pain from causes such as sports injuries, daily wear and tear or ageing’s degenerative effects.


  • Corrects movement restrictions
  • Reinforces natural healing processes of painful tissues
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Improves strength and coordination


1 May – 1 December 2017

Thanyapura Integrative Health Centre


  • THB 1,000 – Cupping therapy
  • THB 1,800 – Acupuncture
  • THB 2,500 – Physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • THB 3,500 – Chiropractic assessment and treatment

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