May Update – Cycling

Gran Fondo Thanyapura

The Gran Fondo Thanyapura on 19 April was a huge success! We had fantastic weather riding through Phuket and neighboring Phang Nga across the Sarasin Bridge. Hundreds of cyclists turned out for the gran fondo and mini fondo races, with Thai cyclists coming out on top in the open competition. Congratulations to everyone, and hope to see you at our next Gran Fondo Thanyapura on the 15th of November.

View the photos from the Gran Fondo here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Criterium Races

Get your racing fix with our weekly criterium races every Saturday starting 7am. Register at the Thanyapura front desk. Your entry fee of THB 300 includes a race number and free post-ride drink. Prize money for winners. All abilities are welcome!

Helmets and sleeved jerseys are compulsory. Triathlon handlebars are disallowed.


7:00 am – Registration (Thanyapura Front Desk)
7:35 am – warm-up to the race course
8:00 am – racing start C grade 30 mins + 2 laps
8:40 am – racing start B grade 35 mins + 2 laps
9:30 am – racing start A grade 40 mins + 2 laps

Computrainer Group Sessions

Improve your endurance, speed, and power with our Computrainer sessions. The Computrainer looks similar to most wind/turbo trainers, but has key extras which enable important cycling specific data like power, heart rate, pace, and speed to be measured. Computrainers are widely viewed from a cycling standpoint as the best training device available. We are lucky to have 8 computrainers here at Thanyapura.

Book into our Computrainer group sessions on Mondays and Fridays from 7-8am and 8:30-9:30am by registering at the front desk. Spots are available by reservation only.

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