Cupping Like Michael Phelps – Shall we try?

In today’s world, therapy or even medication has come out of the frame. New treatments are slowly making their way to us, not only from the latest experiments created in a lab but through alternative and traditional ways that’s been carried on for centuries.




Recently, the world famous swimmer, Michael Phelps, was exposed at the Rio Olympic with purple circle marks on his shoulders and back, making the therapy he took, cupping, become viral within a night. So, what’s cupping, what’s the purpose of it and should you try it? Here we have the answer from Bochakorn Boonserm, Thanyapura Wellness Advisor.

Cupping has been around for as long as the traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on Taoist Philosophy which views a person as an energy system wherein body and mind are unified to influence and balance each other. The belief says that there is a body energy called “Qi” which flows throughout the body in a specific pathway called meridian channels. As long as Qi flows freely without blockage, strong health and longevity would proceed.

Cupping is a therapy where you apply glass pots or bamboo cups heated inside by a flame that creates a suction and negative pressure to clear the pathway allowing a free flow of Qi. It is believed that sore muscle is caused by the layers of muscle that are pressed together too tightly. The vacuum works in order to make space and separation of these layers while detoxifying heat blood flow. channels_cropped

The color mark after cupping has a variety range of color from light red to dark purple, which can indicate the stage of health signs and symptoms from acute to chronic, or it also can represent the sluggishness of blood or Qi flow in certain meridian. For example, the right shoulder represents intestines while the lower back represents the kidney meridian.

The Therapy aims to ease muscle pain across the body while healing specific organ indirectly through detoxification the balance of Qi energy providing a relief through a pressure.

After the therapy, drinking plenty of water is recommended to help detoxify the body. This therapy is an alternative choice for those who have muscle pain or even people who expect to stay in touch with their body condition. However, people with skin allergies, wounds, and pregnant women must avoid this therapy.

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