Make your kids healthy through their routine; play and sleep

Being a mother is one of the toughest job in the world especially in the new generation when women work as hard in the office as in the house while the childhood is the most important for the kids to develop great body and mind health in long term.

The experienced nurse, presently Thanyapura Clinic Manager and a mother of two beautiful daughters, Nicole Bravata has her experience and advice to share her tips to grow up her strong and healthy kids and today, she is talking about what children mainly do around the clock, play and sleep.



Play: Playing is the most normal thing kids do but today’s kids in the digital world start to be more interested in iPad, Play Station, Smartphone, laptop, or even old school thing, TV. Here is her way of managing it.

“I am supportive of the use of electronics for classroom learning and I think that in this digital age we aren’t doing any favors to our kids by restricting their use for that purpose. Unfortunately, it’s easy entertainment and sometimes the only “quiet” break some parents get, and that can get out of hand.”

“Limiting time spent for “fun” on the electronics is important.  Children who spend more time sitting with electronics instead of outdoors playing can have a higher risk for illness because they just aren’t moving.  The lymphatic system which assists our body in removing wastes needs movement.  Longer periods of sitting can cause stagnant lymphatic flow which places an extra burden on the immune system.  In general, we allow educational experiences for electronics but limit free play time.”

For the playground time, Nicole said it is significant not only for kids but also for adults as well because it helps destress and strengthen family relationship.

“This is perhaps the most important time not just for kids but adults too! Outdoor “play” for adults decreases depression, increases family bonding, and gets us in touch with nature.  One of the best things to do during times of stress or tension is getting some “fresh air”.


Sleep: As widely known that sleeping is very necessary among growing up children and they need it even longer than adults, Nicole has her way she takes care of her kids.

“Sleep is my number one important factor for health, and besides skipping exercise, one of the things we often cheat ourselves of more than we should.”

Getting adequate sleep is one of the most important things we can do to protect our health.  Children need much more sleep than adults.  Adults need between 7-9 hours, teens 8-10 hours, 6-13-year-olds need 9-11 hours and toddlers 11-14 hours daily.  When we begin to cheat ourselves of these requirements we can see some pretty serious health effects.”

Sleep is when we restore and repair our bodies and regenerate hormones.  Our immune system can take a big hit when we don’t get enough quality sleep.  Not eating before bed is equally as important since we want the effort of the body to be on regenerating, not digesting.”

The environment of the bedroom is also an important factor boosting the quality of sleep. Nicole has a concern about electronic utilities. Also keep the sleeping schedule in the dark and quiet room leads to a better and easier sleep.

“Avoiding electronics is essential for getting to sleep on time.  Just turn them off and store them away from near your bed to avoid harmful EMFs.”

“Normally we would go to sleep when it is dark and rise early feeling refreshed, but with our modern life, it is easy to get caught up with television or browsing on our mobile devices. Lowering the lights and decreasing sound or reading is a nice way to prepare for sleep.”

“Keeping with a consistent sleep schedule and keeping a dark room stimulates the production of our own melatonin which is an antioxidant that we produce naturally that can help us sleep more soundly and even repair the body.  Taking Melatonin supplements can also be helpful for adults and chamomile tea is wonderful for children to assist with sleeping and is natural with no side effects.”

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About the Author

BochakornBOCHAKORN BOONSERM (MAAM) began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then shifted to embrace natural healing and integrative medicines. Her training and certifications abroad include: Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

During her therapeutic sessions, she may also incorporate other aspects of integrative medicines when required, including: acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, nutritional, supplements and herbal recommendation.

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