Muay Thai Champion to fight to become one of Thailand’s best at Queen’s Birthday event

Muay ThaiThanyapura’s very own Muay Thai champion is fighting to become one of the best in Thailand at the Rising Queen’s Warriors event next week.

Marcela Soto, who uses the name Baitong for Muay Thai, is from Costa Rica and has dedicated the past ten years to the sport, competing in several prestigious fights including the Queen’s Cup, the King’s Cup, the World Championship in Bangkok and she has fought for a World Title in Las Vegas.

But in her upcoming fight, Marcela is out to prove she is the best, and has dubbed the fight against WPMF Muay Thai champion Zara Sor Aree as ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’.

Marcela said: “As a Muay Thai fighter, to be in an event like this is really important. It is a big fight and a huge opportunity. All the people who will be fighting are really good; so, I am really honoured to be part of such a significant occasion.

“One of my friends told me that if I win I will be one of the top three women Muay Thai fighters in Thailand; so, for me, I have to win.

“It is one of the biggest fights I have ever been in.”

The fight will take place next Wednesday, August 12, on the Queen’s Birthday. Marcela is fighting in the main event, which is expected to take place around 7pm.



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