November Update – Fitness

Get fit and healthy while having fun at our new Fitness Social Night every Thursday 7-8pm. This free class with Coach Vorapong and Coach Adam gets you together with like-minded people to take part in a challenging but rewarding workout!

Personal trainer Stefan Lange has returned to Phuket after spending the summer in Europe helping others with spinal disabilities. His perseverance despite physical challenges after a car hit him out cycling makes him an inspiration so many others. Read his story here.

Why not come to a yoga class today? Instructor Natasha Dillon explains how yoga helps keep you young by improving your balance, flexibility, breathing, and body awareness. Read here.

Also watch out for Aerial Yoga which will soon hit our timetable. Aerial yoga makes use of a soft fabric hammock (that can support up to 1,000 pounds) suspended a few feet off the ground. Participants make use of the hammock and work with gravity to assist them in achieving proper alignment in yoga postures. This allows you to benefit from yoga postures and alignment without compressing your spine and joints.

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