October Update – Tennis

In this update:

  • Maria Sharapova at Thanyapura
  • Wishaya returns to Thanyapura after European campaign
  • Women’s ITF Tennis from October 18 to November 1
  • O.B. Wetzell’s Tennis Extravaganza wrap-up
  • Introducing TRX/Cardio Tennis

Maria Sharapova at Thanyapura

Maria Sharapova at Thanyapura

We were very happy to host Maria Sharapova and her team here at Thanyapura after her win at the China Open. She made Thanyapura her training base in preparation for the WTA Finals in Singapore.

She said, “I think it’s always nice, when you go training for a week or just a few days you go to an environment where it’s really a sports facility and you’re surrounded by staff that are professionals in what they do, other athletes doesn’t even have to be tennis but I think just walking through the grounds and seeing people do their thing and working I think that really brings the best out of you and brings a level of commitment and hard work, rather than perhaps when you’re in the gym and you’re surrounded by people who are just on the Stair Master doing a 30-minute workout a day. It’s a little different from when you see an athlete training for a sprint or a marathon or their special sport. The work ethic is very different and that’s why it’s been so good to stay here.”

Maria Sharapova at ThanyapuraCheck out the photo gallery of her hitting session with our EJSA students as well as the rest of our interview with her here.

Maria is a big fan of green juices; her go-to juice is made with kiwi, cucumber, kale, and mint plus pineapple or apple for sweetness. The Sharapova Signature Smoothie is now available at The Grind Cafe, DiVine Restaurant, and Booster Bar.

Wishaya at Thanyapura

Wishaya Back Training at Thanyapura

We are pleased to welcome back Wishaya to Thanyapura for some on- and off-court training as he gears up for the push to end the calendar year strongly. Wishaya reached a career high in singles in September with a ranking of #742 on the ATP Tour and has just returned to Asia after a stint in Europe.

Women’s ITF $15,000 Tournaments at Thanyapura

We hosted two weeks of Women’s ITF Tennis events from October 18-November 1. These two weeks of tennis action brought some of the best athletes in the world to our very own tennis courts. These players are following their aspirations of getting their world ranking to new heights and reaching the big time of World Professional Tennis.

O.B. Wetzell’s Tennis Extravaganza – A Success!

We had a collection of tennis enthusiasts come from Singapore to Thanyapura from October 3, 4 & 5. This event is put on by O.B. Wetzell, a member of Thanyapura as well as The American Club Singapore.

Now in its third year, this is fast becoming a Thanyapura tradition. Each year the event has grown in size; this year it included a charity event held at Bliss to raise money for underprivileged kids, over 20 players, over 40 hours of court rental, a vast collection of amazing tennis shots, 30 people joining Thanyapura’s Sunday Brunch, a massive amount of Gatorade, and plenty of fun had by all.

OB Wetzell's Tennis Extravaganza

Cardio Tennis + TRX

We are excited to announce the beginning of a 12-week CARDIO TENNIS + TRX program. Our Cardio Tennis class will now be combining TRX Suspension Training and Cardio Tennis to deliver an on-court, cutting-edge program that builds strength and improves your stamina.

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5-6pm on the Thanyapura Tennis Courts.

This program kicked off on Tuesday, September 30 and will run through until Thursday, December 18.

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