October Update – Triathlon

Head triathlon coach Sergio Borges is en route to Kona to guide his athletes who have qualified for the Ironman World Championships. He says for those who have trained in Phuket, Kona’s reknowned conditions will feel like home.

With year-round humidity and heat and ideal training grounds, Thanyapura has also attracted the likes of Jenson Button for heat training before racing at the Singapore Formula One.

Meanwhile, for those preparing for a race closer to home, Coach Sergio gives you a rundown of the Laguna Phuket Triathlon.

He says, “These next 8 weeks are vital to help you prepare for the race ahead, but it’s also a perfect time to challenge yourself.” Find out more about the Laguna Phuket Triathlon course and how to train for it.

This is also a time to be careful, as you may be likely to overdo it in your enthusiasm. Coach Sergio says, “In an effort to become better endurance athletes, we dedicate a great deal of time to training and racing at a level which continually stresses and fatigue our bodies. Let’s take a look at what causes fatigue, how to recognize it and most importantly, how to deal with it.” Here are the perils of overtraining.

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