Part Four: Last Day of Thanyapura Detox

This is the third article in four-part series chronicling Natasha’s personal detox journey.  Part one introduces the reasons for going on a detox.  Part two takes the readers to the start of her journey.  Part three details the toll a detox has on the mind and body.

End of Thanyapura Detox

The third and final day of my detox was easier than I expected. I felt lighter, well recovered and positive about embracing the changes in my diet moving forwards. My breakfast was raw vegan bircher muesli with almond milk and made me feel energised and full.

Releasing Energy Flow and Self-Healing

I opted for a morning swim in the pool and some relaxation time rather than an exercise class; I felt one of the main things I had learnt was to be kinder to myself, so some Vitamin D was in order.  The lovely Guest Services Host, Salsa, brought me my 10 am green juice and I prepared myself to pack and move over to the health centre to enjoy my last BEMER session. In my previous blog, I shared the experience with Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation that helps to regulate the flow of energy in your body and enable self-healing.

I admit, I succumbed to a coffee at noon as my headache was still present, but the nutritionist and the doctor both agreed that one cup in the greater scheme of things would not be detrimental.

detox retreatMy final lunch of avocado ceviche was delicious. I reflected on what I had learnt and how such a short time would impact my life for the better.

My detox experience was not as plain sailing as I had anticipated. My body reacted dramatically to it and the headache was no fun at all, but I needed it.

Checking Out

As I write this now, some days after checking out of the Garden Wing at Thanyapura, I am sipping a green smoothie. I have incorporated many more food items in my diet. Almond milk, spinach, nuts, seeds, flax seed oil, chia, quinoa all make an appearance in my daily diet. I have reduced portion sizes and have tried to take my time a little. I have stopped looking at my iPhone so much at night; in fact, I have switched many Internet functions and alerts off. I have not berated myself for not making it to the gym this week; instead, I have walked my dogs, spent time shopping and preparing my meals and stopped rushing around so much.

I have not given up coffee, that is one thing I love too much, but I think I am now on the road to a better me. It is going to be a slow process but I am feeling good, appreciative for the opportunity to press the pause button and make better choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Putting It All Together

I feel the detox has empowered me to make better decisions and focus on preventative measures rather than adhering to an insatiable will to be thin and attractive.  I learnt that a full detox, or cleanse, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it would be most beneficial a couple of times a year in order to find balance in the mind, body and plate. After all, we are all searching for happiness and what is that? For me, inner happiness is a healthy Body, a balanced mind and a good heart, metaphorically and physically. Thanyapura has helped me find my path.

About the Author

Part Four: Last Day of Thanyapura DetoxNatasha Eldred has been in Thailand for a decade and established Shine PR in 2010 after working at Laguna Phuket. Originally from the UK and formally an actor, Natasha has all the vitality and vigour to make your communications stand out from the crowd. A regular contributor to the fabulous UK based website The Luxury Spa Edit, in her spare time she enjoys SCUBA diving, yoga, dining, travelling and dog walking. Natasha is also is an avid animal welfare advocate and volunteers for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project. Natasha’s core competencies are PR, social media, communications, marketing and branding.

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