Part One: Why Detox?

This is the first article in four-part series chronicling Natasha’s personal detox journey.

What “Detox” Is

The very word “detox” raises many eyebrows and provokes many debates. Perhaps we have named it incorrectly as it is well known that the body doesn’t simply purge itself of alleged pesky nuisance toxins. Perhaps we should call it something else, but metaphorically the process of ‘detox’ sums up exactly what we desire to happen to our body and mind.

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Khun Khao Restaurant at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

There are many reasons people feel the need to cleanse their bodies and minds. Many people are overworked in today’s fast and furious digital age; several people do not treat their bodies well and eat questionable food choices as well as smoke cigarettes and drink more than their fair share of G&T’s (ahem). Whatever the reason, when the body needs it, the feeling is quite overwhelming and should be listened to otherwise the health consequences could be severe.

In modern times, even with advanced healthcare, many people have illnesses or need surgery from having run their bodies into the ground. Their diets are poor, with a tendency to overeat sugary and processed foods. Moreover, a large percentage of illnesses are self-inflicted, therefore the bitter pill to swallow is that many ailments could be avoided.

Getting Started on Detox

My reasons for booking a detox were quite straightforward; I own a business, I am stressed at the verge of a major burn out. My exercise routine fell by the way side well over 18 months ago and I have put on 9 kilos in excess weight. I eat merely to fill up and energise, I also adhere to a strict vegetarian and gluten-free diet (you must be healthy I hear you say). On the contrary, my nutritional needs are not met by a long stretch. I have no energy and the vitality I do have to offer I give to my work. I spend all of my time away from my office looking at my emails on my iPhone, answering clients at any time of the day and being on call 27/7.

Why? I am not a doctor, my job doesn’t involve saving lives after all. I have learned that many women, in particular, those born in the 70s, were given the opportunity to succeed by working extra hard. It is this inbuilt work ethic that is now, I realize, out to get me!

So after dreaming of green smoothies and an extended hideaway in far tropical places, I knew I needed a more pragmatic approach to beginning a healthier lifestyle once again. With a heavy workload, a holiday is not possible at the moment. Instead, I opted for a 3-day and 2-night detox in the Garden Wing at the Thanyapura hotel.

The Garden Wing

Part One: Why Detox?

Garden Wing Standard Room

The Garden Wing offers an ideal setting for those who crave a more secluded space to relax. It includes private wellness services such as detoxification rooms and in-house health consultations. ‘Khun Khao Restaurant’ serves plant-based cuisine exclusively for guests. A spacious Teaching Lounge is available for yoga and meditation sessions and group lectures. There is also a beautiful library with a selection of educational lifestyle resources and herbal teas.

If this all sounds too familiar to you, I recommend you read my further blog posts on the detox itself.

About the Author

Part One: Why Detox?Natasha Eldred has been in Thailand for a decade and established Shine PR in 2010 after working at Laguna Phuket. Originally from the UK and formally an actor, Natasha has all the vitality and vigour to make your communications stand out from the crowd. A regular contributor to the fabulous UK based website The Luxury Spa Edit, in her spare time she enjoys SCUBA diving, yoga, dining, travelling and dog walking. Natasha is also is an avid animal welfare advocate and volunteers for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project. Natasha’s core competencies are PR, social media, communications, marketing and branding.

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