Phuket New Year’s resolutions

A wind of change has swept over Phuket last year, cleaner beaches, more accessible transportation; good things are on the horizon. But the change doesn’t end there and what better time to make some more changes than a beginning of a new year? Here is a list of New Year’s resolution you can make if you live on this beautiful island and want to get more out of life.

photo by Nickolai Kashirin

Relax! You’re in paradise!

  1. Go out

You might be excused for not wanting to spend too much time outside if you Iive in a smog filled city, but in Phuket there are no excuses. The best this island has to offer are its landscapes, its clean air, and its blue skies. Make 2015 the year of outdoor, swap a Sunday in a shopping mall for a Sunday on a hike, discover new beaches, take new turns on your bike ride, explore and fall in love with Phuket all over again.



  1. Thai fruits. Photo: Maciek Klimowicz

    Eating healthy is pure pleasure in Phuke

    Eat smarter

Phuket is an evil place full of temptation if you are a foodie. The choice of wonderful foods is vast and it’s just too easy to go down the way of sin. But it’s all up to you and the choices you make. Whether you enjoy a snack on the street or dine in a posh restaurant, you can always go for something lighter, fresher and healthier. Stop torturing yourself by eating less, eat smart instead.


  1. Slow down

Why are you here? To meet deadlines? Reach goals? Balance spreadsheets? Then why are you here and not in London, New York, Hong Kong? Island living has its pace and it tends to be slower than in other places. Adjust, relax and enjoy the moment, after all we’ll all end up at the same finish line, do you really want to get there first?

  1. Smile more


    It’s not hard to find reasons to smile here

You know what is the most disturbing sight for your enemies? Your smile. You know what’s the most pleasing sight for your loved ones? Your smile. Smile makes you look kinder, younger and better but it also changes you on the inside, filling you with peace and a sense of wellbeing. Don’t let small annoyances of island living – traffic jams, jet skis buzzing in your ear, lack of parking space etc. get to you, smile more, worry less.

  1. Share

It’s been proven time and again that sharing makes you feel well, In fact better than just about anything else. And there is no lack of less fortunate people in Phuket counting on your generosity and kindness. You can pick and chose from a long list of charities and foundations in need of support. And not just money but time, passion and knowledge, all this is worth sharing much more than another silly video on Facebook.

Thanyapura team wishes you persistence, determination and heaps of motivation in keeping your resolutions!

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